20 Gallon Fish Tank Filters: AquaClear 20, Fluval 106, C2 Filter Review

If you’re searching for the most effective 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filters for a 20 Gallon Aquariums, this article can facilitate. We’ve chosen our 5 best Fish Tank Filters options by hand and that we have reviewed all the features, pros, cons and a lot of to assist you to decide on the correct choice.

When it comes to maintaining a fish tank within the home, packed with fish or simply plants, it needs constant maintenance and maintenance. One item of your fish tank which should always be of good quality is the Fish Tank Filter. The fish tank water will become dirty, smelly and stained without a good quality filter. Not only this, it can get loaded with substances that even has the tendency to kill your fish as well as plants.


Therefore, an Aquarium Filter is required without a doubt. This article is all about 20 Gallon Aquariums and it will help you to assist and discover some of the most effective filters for a 20 Gallon Fish Tank.

5 Best 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filters

1. AquaClear 20 Power Filter for 20-Gallon Aquarium

AquaClear 20 Filter Overview

AquaClear 20 power filter is actually an ideal 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filter. In fact, this specific model can be used for any 5 gallons to 20-gallon Aquariums. It has the capacity to process the whole contents of a 20 gallon tank up to 7 times/ hour. This can be very impressive for such a small filter. The rate of flow of this filter is adjustable, that is always pleasant. The chief part of this filter is its re-filtration system.


Features: The features of AquaClear 20 power filter are:

  • The filter has a rate of flow of 100 gallons per hour. This flow rate is powerful enough to take care of a 20 Gallons Fish Tank with fresh and clear water for an extended time.
  • The range of the rate of flow can be adjusted for varied sizes of aquariums and types of fish
  • The filter comes with the following:

AquaClear Foam
activated charcoal
Cycle Guard which filters chemically, biologically and mechanically.

  • A healthy aquarium requires “beneficial” bacteria. The invisible and harmless beneficial bacteria are essential for the removal of toxic ammonia and nitrates.

Advantages: Some of the advantages of AquaClear 20 power filter are:

  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • quick and easy maintenance
  • It is easy to replace filter material.
  • It has all 3 types of filtration systems.
  • It gives a fantastic flow of 140 gallons per hour.
  • The range is adjustable.
  • It has fantastic re-filtration system.
  • It takes up very less space in the tank.

Disadvantages: Some of the disadvantages of AquaClear 20 power filter are:

  • It can get quite loud.
  • The motor is of low quality.

Conclusion: The filter is extremely in style in the fish tank hobby and its quality is demonstrated by thousands of hobbyists in the world. I highly suggest this filter to inventive hobbyists when looking at its very affordable price, quality and customization capabilities. It is apt for those who wish to create their own filtration system. This is also the most effective 20-gallon fish tank filter in this review.

2. Marina Slim S20 power filter for 20-Gallon aquarium

Marina Slin 20 Power Filter Overview:

The exclusive slim and compact design of the Marina Slim S20 Power Filter offers practical and aesthetic advantages: it takes up less space than standard size filters and adds a touch of elegance to your aquarium. You can adjust the level of water flow in the tank by its adjustable flow control feature. Its engine is submerged in water and works very quietly. Installation and commissioning are simple, without the need for priming. Maintenance of this marina filter is quick, simple and convenient. The feed filter has two filter cartridges:

  • Bio-Carb
  • Bio-Clear


Both of the above-mentioned filter cartridges contain Ceramitek. It is a highly porous ceramic filter medium that improves biological filtration for a healthy aquarium.

Features: It has a very compact design for easy installation, even in tight spaces. It has a flow control which is adjustable. This makes it an ideal choice for 20 gallons fish tank. Marina Slim S20 power filter works very quietly and no noise is made. It assures its filtration efficiency.

Advantages: Some of the advantages of Marina Slim S20 power filter are:

  • Very easy to maintain and install.
  • See-through – cool feature.
  • It can easily be hanged at the back.
  • Takes up very less space.
  • It does not make noise
  • It is very efficient.
  • The rate of flow can be adjusted according to your wish.
  • No need for priming.

Disadvantages: Some of the disadvantages of Marina Slim S20 power filter are:

  • It has less filter capacity than AquaClear power filters.
  • The cartridges which are given by manufacturers will only work and no other cartridge can be inserted.

Conclusion: I like marina for its quality fish tank kits just like the marine led tank kits for beginners. Their quality has satisfied the majority of customers including newcomers and skilled hobbyists. The only disadvantage of this filter is its lower capacity. Also, you’ve got to shop for the filter cartridges for its maintenance. But when we look at its different varied features, the filter is totally worth your money.

3. Fluval C2 power filter for 20-25 gallon tanks

Fluval C2 Power Filter Overview

This is a prime quality power filter manufactured by Hagen Fluval, a brand best-known for its fish tank product. Fluval C2 Power filter includes everything you require to start:

  • activated carbon for chemical filtration
  • node C for the colonization of helpful bacteria (biological filtration)
  • Foam pad to automatically filter solid particles within the fish tank water.



  • It has a 5-stage filtration system makes your aquarium water really clean and clear. Along with this, it provides a healthy environment for your fish to live in. These stages include 2 mechanical, 1 chemical and 2 biological stages for top performance.
  • Its biological filter system works very fast and is efficient for nitrification.
  • Filter Type: Power
  • Filter Placement: External
  • Generic Dimensions: -C2 Pounds Weight: 1.92 lbs.
  • 2 Pounds 8” H x 6” W x 4.5” D.
  • C3 Pounds Weight: 2.16 lbs.
  • C3 Pounds 8” H x 7” W x 4.5” D.

Advantages: Some of the advantages of Fluval C2 power filter are:

  • Extremely high flow rate due to its size.
  • The range can be high or low as you wish to keep it.
  • For low flow rates, the filter has an efficient re-filtration system.
  • The supports are quite durable and easy to replace.
  • It is super easy to bring together and install.
  • Extremely efficient in his work.

Disadvantages: Some of the disadvantages of Fluval C2 power filter are:

  • A little expensive,
  • Less filtration capacity than AquaClear power filters.

Conclusion: The Fluval C2 power filter is a hook on the rear filter, something we can always appreciate. Simply put, it requires no shelf space and barely takes up space within the aquarium. We always look for having an effective filter that doesn’t take up too much space in the tank. This filter can be simply hooked directly on the back of your aquarium. This makes it really convenient without a doubt. It is easy to maintain and assemble and works very well.

4. Whisper internal filter for 20 gallon tanks

Whisper Internal Filter Overview

For the ultimate in practicality and quietness, choose a Whisper filter in the tank. This filter can be mounted inside the aquarium, rather than hanging them from the outside. This allows you to place the tank flush against a wall. The filters in the tank are unusually quiet, as the engine is underwater. Offering the same quality and performance as an external filter, the Whisper In-Tank filter will work in just 2 inches of water, making it ideal for turtle tanks or to create a waterfall inside the tank. The filter features easily adapt to high or low water levels with the installation of suction cups and / or brackets. Each filter comes with a pre-assembled Whisper Bio-Bag cartridge.


  • Designed for Use in aquariums up to 20-Gallons
  • Uses large Bio-Bag filter cartridges
  • Install with a hanger and suction cup or two suction cups depending on desired placement
  • Remove bottom to access impeller for proper cleaning
  • For aquariums and terrariums

Advantages: Some of the advantages of Whisper® internal filter are:

  • Dirt cheap,
  • Bio-scrubber for biological filtration,
  • Almost no noise while operating because it is submerged in the water,
  • Ideal for low-level water tanks, turtle tanks.

Disadvantages: Some of the disadvantages of the Whisper® internal filter are:

  • Take space inside the aquarium,
  • Less average capacity than power and filter filters
  • The biological stage seems so weak,
  • Unable to adjust its range,
  • The cartridge must be used by the manufacturer.

Conclusion: The most traditional type of aquarium filter is the internal filters. It is very familiar even to beginners. This filter in the tank is compact, economical, easy to install and use. You just have to fit the filter and place it inside the aquarium (soak in water). The filter will do its work to keep the tank clean and clear. This one is designed for you if you love to use internal filters.

5. Fluval 106 external canister filter for 20-25 gallon tanks

Fluval 106 Filter Overview

The Fluval 106 canister filter offers many practical advantages, including better filtration, lower maintenance frequency, faster setup and quieter operation, all designed to make the fish more enjoyable. The Fluval 106 canister filter offers advanced filtration functionality and performance in order to create the cleanest and healthiest aquariums ever. The filter helps in keeping the fish tank as simple as possible. Also, it keeps the tank worry-free. This filter is capable to do so due to its extraordinary range of additional features, as well as patented Aqua-Stop valves.



  • Multi-stage filtration for healthy fresh and saltwater aquariums
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 25 gallons. Sound absorbing impeller design for quieter operation
  • Equipped with a clog-proof suction filter and a double-layer foam screen
  • Built with a patented Aquastop Valve, multiple filter baskets, and rim connectors
  • 3-year warranty

Advantages: some of the advantages of Fluval 106 external canister filter are:

  • Excellent performance of three types of filtration,
  • Large capacity, 35-50% more than round containers,
  • Diagram of the twisted water flow for better contact with water,
  • High and adjustable flow rate
  • Soundproof impeller for silent operation,
  • Instant priming by pressing the button on the lid,
  • Easy to disassemble for maintenance,
  • Large capacity for low maintenance
  • Easy to find replacements
  • 3 year warranty.

Disadvantages: The disadvantages of Fluval 106 external canister filter are:

  • Much more expensive as compared to other filters.

Conclusion: The Fluval 106 external canister filter is rated for up to 25 gallons fish tanks and is certainly the best choice if you are considering a canister filter. It is very easy to install, assemble and maintain. The best feature of this filter is that it has a soundproof system which makes it quite and efficient. If you are looking for a high-quality filter, you must invest in this canister filter.

6. Penn Plax Cascade 500 canister filter

Penn Plax Cascade Overview

Penn Plax cascade filters offer multi-stage external filtration for your fresh or saltwater aquarium. The 500 cylinder cascade filter can efficiently manage aquariums up to 30 gallons providing up to 115 gph of flow. This is also a small and compact filter for up to 25 gallons tank size. The filter has multiple removable filtration chambers which contain filter material you wish to insert. It additionally comes with bio-floss, bio-sponges, activated carbon which is filter media. These filter media are important to perform multi-stage filtration. It also completely purifies your fish tank water.


Features: The Cascade 500 canister filter is extremely simple to line up and maintain. The filter works quickly after installation. The quick working of the filter helps in keeping your fish tank clean and clear. It takes you about thirty minutes for installing the filter. After installation, you’ll be able to notice the improvements of your fish tank in only a day.

Advantages: Some of the advantages of Penn Plax Cascade 500 canister filter are:

  • It is very affordable
  • It has a large capacity for excellent performance due to its three types of filtration system
  • Flow rate is adjustable
  • Pushing the button on its top makes it quick and easy to use
  • Simple setup and maintenance can be done by its lift clamps.

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage of Penn Plax Cascade 500 canister filter is that it is less durable than Fluval 06 series canister filters.

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