Month: July 2019


Top 12 Freshwater Aquarium Plants List for Beginners

Aquarium Plants Introduction Stems plants are rooted in the planted aquarium because they are tall, fast growing and easily propagated by simply cutting. All their features make them an ideal

5 Best Reef Aquarium Light {Reviews 2019} & Guidelines

LED lights are the look enhancers of the current generation. If you have chosen to use LED lights for your aquarium, then it is probably because you want your aquarium


20 Gallon Fish Tank Filters: AquaClear 20, Fluval 106, C2 Filter Review

If you’re searching for the most effective 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filters for a 20 Gallon Aquariums, this article can facilitate. We’ve chosen our 5 best Fish Tank Filters options by


The 7 Best LED Aquarium Lighting – Fish Tank Lights Guide 2019

Most of the people like maintaining their aquariums and nano reef tanks with all possible beautification amenities. These include plants, corals and various fishes. The main component for better growth


Best Glofish Tanks: 5, 10, 15 20 Gallon Aquarium

We all know that an aquarium is a beautifully designed device that helps us in acting as an artificial habitat for water-dwelling animals. Although most people prefer filling their aquarium


20+ Tetra Fish Guide | Neon, Cardinal, Ember, Serpae Tetra

Tetras are a type of aquarium fish which are small, colorful and very serene. They can usually live in a 20 gallon fish tank, as they are shoaling species they


The 6 Best Fish Tanks for Beginners – Small Fish Tank Reviews

We must provide the best small fish tank for our bettas as they must be protected by ourselves. We must provide proper food to our fishes so that they cannot


Swordtail Fish – Tropical Aquarium Fish Care Guide

The swordtail fish is easy to breed, peaceful and a bearer of life. It can be obtained in many color variations, as well as fin and tail variations. The most


Best Planted Aquarium Substrate Reviews – Fish Tank Substrate Guide

The aquarium substrate used on aquariums or any aqua-scape determines the success of the aquariums or aqua-scapes. Substrates affect the chemical composition and the filtration rate and of course the

8 Best 5-Gallon Fish Tank and Aquarium Kits Reviews

Fish tanks are now in a rage. People want to keep them in their house, offices and even in various hotels and malls. To buy a 5-gallon fish tank, you