Schemes in All Countries in 2006

Scheme Name Amount
Scrapping   €165,245,313.57
Construction of new port facilities/extension of existing port facilities   €50,519,873.55
Increase in processing capacity   €43,839,607.92
Operations by members of the trade (setting up producer organisations, aid to assist their drive to improve quality etc.)   €40,251,475.19
Promotion (campaigns, trade fairs, surveys etc.)   €30,886,956.94
Increase in aquaculture production capacity   €27,327,962.31
Modernisation of vessel   €25,784,528.35
Modernisation of existing aquaculture units   €23,158,946.80
Modernisation of existing port facilities   €18,068,505.19
Exportation/Reassignment/Transfer to third country   €16,328,272.56
Temporary cessation of activities and other financial compensation   €15,949,518.24
Modernisation of existing processing units   €14,522,085.94
Pilot/demonstration projects   €13,665,450.19
Technical Assistance (e.g. studies, exchange of experiences, management and implementation of programmes)   €11,465,462.72
Modernisation of existing marketing establishments   €7,772,670.10
Construction of new marketing establishments   €6,884,119.67
Flat-rate individual cessation premium   €6,016,384.40
Protection and development of aquatic resources   €5,985,306.07
Small-scale coastal fishing   €4,177,815.17
Construction of new vessel   €4,114,007.53
Retraining premium (job diversification)   €3,409,816.82
Early retirement   €2,001,410.22
Joint enterprises   €783,132.45
Aquaculture - not further defined   €502,020.02
Processing and marketing - not further defined   €474,544.47
Not defined   €450,667.98
Setting-up aid for young fishermen   €298,005.86
Other measures to assist inland fishing   €267,242.96
Construction of inland vessels   €152,814.85
Modernisation of existing inland vessels   €92,291.10
Socio-economic measures - not further defined   €9,235.28