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We worked really hard to create this database, and this site represents many hundreds of hours of work by our team. Getting data out of governments is often not an easy task. We often have to fight with governments through freedom of information requests to get access to the data. Sometimes we get data in strange formats. Sometimes we have to build web robots to extract it. Once we have it, it takes yet more work to turn it into a useful database.

All of the many hundreds of hours of work requires funding and support, which we are greatful to receive from our kind funders. We depend on you to demonstrate the value of our work by attributing us as the source. By attributing us or citing us in your news story, article, research report, radio or TV show, website, and so on, you are, in a very direct way, helping us to continue providing you data. Attribution costs you nothing, but means everything to us.

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The data on fish subsidy payments that is available on is drawn from different government sources.

While we will strive to root out any errors in the data presented on, until the institutions of European Union agree to provide a single, consistent and comparable dataset of fish subsidy payments, it is difficult to be sure there are no inaccuracies that escaped our notice.

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