The 7 Best LED Aquarium Lighting – Fish Tank Lights Guide 2019

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finnex _stingrayFinnex Stingray LightCheck Price on Amazon
mingdak_led_aquarium_lightMingdak LED Aquarium LightCheck Price on Amazon
deckey_aquarium_lightDeckey Aquarium Light Check Price on Amazon
coodia_aquarium_hood_lightingCOODIA Aquarium Hood LightingCheck Price on Amazon
nicrew_classicled_aquarium_lightNicrew ClassicLED Aquarium LightCheck Price on Amazon
lemonbest_led_lightsLemonbest High Power 24 Aquarium LED Lights Check Price on Amazon
lumini_asta_20Lumini Asta 20 LED Fish Tank LightCheck Price on Amazon

Most of the people like maintaining their aquariums and nano reef tanks with all possible beautification amenities. These include plants, corals and various fishes. The main component for better growth and adaptability of these organisms in the aquarium are good LED aquarium lighting.

We also reviewed LED Lights for Aquarium.

Proper fish tank lighting is responsible for better growth, better uptake of nutrition and higher survival rate of these organisms. The water must contain adequate lights so that all the basic needful spectrums are available for the organisms.

The most effective choice is artificial lighting. But these too have drawbacks such as heating problems, fixing problems and inadequate light. Currently, in the market, there are many options available which claim to eradicate these issues. The one nearest to the best effects is the use of LED aquarium lighting.

The most common issue small aquarium users face is the unavailability of suitable LED lights for fish tank. The most effective solution to this issue is the clip-on LED light for aquarium that is gaining more fame every passing day in the market. These not only easily fit into the tank but also are efficiently bright and light the tank adequately.

Have a look at 20 inch LED Lights.

Mingdak LED Aquarium Light

– The cool white color of the LEDs.
– in-frame mounting with adjustable legs.
– Versatile placement with suction cups.
– Super water-resistant.
– Adjustable mounting fixture.

Mingdak LED Aquarium Light

Deckey LED Aquarium Light

– Power: 6W
– Cable Length: 1.5M
– Output: DC20V 0.5A
– Color of the Light: White & Blue
– Voltage: 100-240v 0.3A 50/60hz
– LED Quantity: 36 LEDs(30 white + 6 blue)
– Dimension with brackets: 9.5105cm/
– Dimension without brackets: 28101.3cm /113.90.5inches.

Deckey Aquarium Light

COODIA Aquarium Hood Lighting

– Versatile color transition options
– Easy-to-use upgraded remote
– Cost-effective and budget-friendly
– The transition and color change may not be -suitable for fishes and plants
– No cycle or timer features

COODIA Aquarium Hood Lighting

Nicrew Classic LED Aquarium Light

– Inexpensive, cost-effective and budget-friendly.
– Bright and cool lights.
– Two settings or modes, day and night.
– Various sizes in accordance to the need of the tank.
– No built-in timer No cycles or similar customization.
– Requires a glass or plastic canopy
– The brackets are unstable and may bend if fully extended.

Nicrew ClassicLED Aquarium Light

Lemonbest LED Lights for Fish Tank

– Affordable price
– Easy to Install and use
– Energy Saver. Power saving.
– Flexible and adjustable.
– Bright and efficient.
– Short Power Cord.
– No Remote Control.

Lemonbest LED Lights for Fish Tank

Lumini Asta 20 LED Fish Tank Light

This is one of the best choice available in the market for nano reefs tanks and a small aquarium. It is composed of 16 LED bulbs and is divided into 4 channels.
Channel 1 – 4 Blue LEDs
Channel 2 – 4 White LEDs
Channel 3 – 4 Blue LEDs
Channel 4 – Red+Green+Blue+UV LEDs.

Lumini Asta 20 LED Fish Tank Light

Finnex Stingray Light – Fish Tank Light (Aquarium Lighting):


Out of the many aquarium and nano tank products Finnex makes, the Finnex Stingray is one of the very popular models. It comparatively has the lesser intensity of light hence is most suitable for small tanks usually for domestic purposes.

There are many such models of lightweight and easy to fit fish tank LED like           Submersible LED light and all of these models are perfect for aquariums that need high to medium light. It is also suitable for tanks that do not have heavy plants or have only slow-growing plants that need only low light.

Many of it’s uses also includes lightening of the tank even if it doesn’t have plants for better illumination. Stingray light is featured with fixtures and is beneficial for those requiring advanced technology such as of LED and it’s efficiency.

Mingdak LED Aquarium Light for Fish Tanks, Clip-on Fish Tank Lights:

This light offers neat white LEDs that imparts a glittery and shimmery effect to the aquarium. The light has suction cups and can be placed wherever the user finds fit. It is water-resistant and hence is fully submersible in the water enhancing the effect.

It is also capable of in-frame mounting hence even if the fixture is not visible, the user can install it. This fish tank light has adjustable mounting legs and the user can adjust them accordingly. It fits aquariums with widths of 17 to 23 inches. The fish tank LED lights are powerful and have low voltage. These lights can also be used as night lights if required.

It is constructed with a total of 48 LEDs, hence is one of the brightest clip-on LED light for aquarium which is available in the market. It is made up of white and blue lights which imparts bright light for day and shimmery blue for the night light.

This feature can be controlled by a switch present in the setup. It has an easy installation and had powerful working. It is much favored by customers because of its versatility.

Deckey LED Aquarium Light Fish Tank:

The Deckey aquarium light is versatile and offer two modes, day and night light. Constituting of 36 light’s in Toto, these are blue and white. The white light illuminates the tank during the day and night lights provide dreamy shimmer at the night.

It not only illuminates the tank properly but also emits the spectrum that is essential and beneficial for the plants to grow in the tank. It has an easy setup. It has fixtures which adapt themselves into the brackets of the aquarium.

The only need is to set the fish tank LED lights up on the brackets and connect to the power source. The brackets are extendable and can be adjusted laterally such that they fit on a variety of tanks. It can fit fish tanks measuring from 28 inches to 36 inches (Check It Out).

It is water repellent but it is advised to install the lights over the hood or the glass of the aquarium so as to protect it from moisture and extend its life.

It is made up of strong plastic and hence is wear-resistant and durable. Since it is mounted upon the hood of the tank it does not harm fishes in the tank. It has long-lasting efficiency.

COODIA Hood Aquarium Lighting With Color Changing Remote Control:

This aquarium lighting comes with a feature of remote control. It has color-coded buttons which give ease of handling to the user. It enables the user to switch to different patterns of fish tank lighting such as smooth or faded.

These effects are controlled by the various aspects of the spectrum provided by the lights. The transition between the light is smooth and catchy. It is eye-pleasing and enhances the aesthetics of the aquarium.

The brightness of the lights can also be controlled via the remote. It does not require the user to point out the remote towards the device as in a conventional method. It is an upgraded version of remote which enables the user to operate from anywhere in the house.

This model is considerably inexpensive and provides intriguing lighting options for those of you who are interested in experimenting with it. Even though the transition in lights may not be always suitable for the fish and the growth of the plants, it also comes with a spectrum that enables good growth of fish as well as the plants while maintaining a chance of showing off of the features it grants.

Nicrew ClassicLED Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Lights With Extendable Brackets:


The Nicrew ClassicLED Aquarium Light is a versatile, budget-friendly and an efficient LED light panel. It comes with a white and blue LED light fixture. The fixture can be ordered in five various sizes as per the need of the tank.

The versatile sizes are possible due to adjustable brackets on the fixtures which can be laterally adjusted such that it fixes upon the aquarium tank. The size has to be carefully chosen as an extension of the brackets is not possible and it may lead to instability.

This fish tank LED is very bright and features a white light mode for the day and a blue light mode for night. The white light mode uses all the LEDs in the fixture including the blue ones which impart cool hue to the light while the blue light mode only uses the blue aquarium lighting, especially for shimmer effect during the night.

Because the fixture is not very stable, it is recommended that a canopy be used along with the fixture. It could be glass or plastic. This prevents the falling of the panel or accidental dive of the lights into the depths of the tank which may damage the fishes, plants and other structures inside the tank

Lemonbest LED Lights for Fish Tank High Power 24 LED Aquarium Lamp:

This LED fish tank light is small, flexible and inexpensive. Therefore it is the best choice for the ones who do not want to invest much on lighting for the aquariums. Even though it isn’t much costly, it provides powerful and efficient fish tank lighting, therefore, proves to be cost-effective.

The fish tank light has a clamp design and an adjustable rotational rod. The user can adjust the light in accordance with the need and requirements. It consumes less power and requires much less energy.

Therefore, it is suitable for early investment and for the customers who are simply figuring out the suitable lighting for their aquariums. It is simple, compact, bright and easy to install. It doesn’t offer intricate lighting but is decent for a simple effect. It can easily be used for everyday lighting of the tanks.

Lumini Asta 20 LED Fish Tank Light:

The spectrum these lights emit is suitable for corals and promote healthy growth and adequate lighting. These are bright and powerful. These have an additional feature of incorporation of an optical lens which allows better blending, enhances the light and penetration of the light into the water.

This Aquarium Lighting is adjustable and comes with a remote control that allows the user to adjust the intensity, color, and brightness of the light in accordance with the need and demand. One of the common problems is the heating of the lights.

These fish tank lights have a framework of aluminum which allows cooling and less heat generation hence it enhances the life of the lights as well as allows maintaining of the optimal temperature of the water suitable for the growth of the plants and corals.

Its durability is increased with rust-free bodice and plastic clamp which is strong and sturdy. In conclusion, this is an efficient, cost-effective and reliable source of light.



These are the best LED aquarium lighting. These fish tank lights provide optimal light, healthy spectrums, and efficiency to the customers. These are durable, power-saving and inexpensive while fulfilling the demands of the customer. The variations and easy handling allow the user to show off as well as maintain their tanks in the best possible way.


These are better than the conventional lights and offer many better features such as dual modes, esthetic transitions, optimal lighting, and better control. These prove to be the best fish tank lights for efficient and comfortable maintenance of the aquariums and reef tanks.


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