Australian Terrier Dog – Temperament, Grooming, Health & More


Australian Terrier Temperament

The Australian Terrier is a very confident small dog and is alert and high spirited, yet very affectionate and friendly as a companion pet.

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This breed has been known to go to extremes with its behavior – some can be overly shy and others overly aggressive. However, the Australian Terrier, by and large, tends to have an agreeable temperament, displays plenty of courage for his size, and makes a good companion. This breed can be aggressive with other animals and the adult male does not tend to get on with other adult male dogs.

Physical features

A medium boned working terrier, these Terriers is a small but sturdy animal, with slightly disproportionate length when compared to its height. Its colorings come in solid red, solid sandy, or blue and tan. The outer coat of this dog has a harsh texture, and these dogs also have a soft, silky topknot.

The intelligent and alert expression of the Australian Terrier adds to its keen and enthusiastic appearance. The weight of these dogs averages around 10-11 inches and the weight around 12-14lb.

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Is he right for you?

these terriers are a natural born digger and loves to chase, run, and jump. This breed has bags of energy and is largely very active and outgoing. Owners will have to be prepared to put some work in so that the dog can fulfill his need for exercise, so this breed may not be right for everyone.

Those with other pets may also need to exercise caution, as this breed does not always get on well with other animals. The Australian Terrier is also a natural watchdog, and therefore can be noisy when trying to sound the alarm. this may make them unsuitable for those living in apartments where noise nuisance may prove a problem.

This dog breed can be good with children, but usually if raised with them from puppy-hood. It does not like to be teased by children, and therefore may be more suited to households with older children.

Australian Terrier Health Problems

These terriers may suffer from allergies and itchy skin in warmer weather. Other health problems that can affect this breed include luxating patella and Legg-Calve Perthes Disease. These are both inherited conditions and can be exacerbated by excessive weight. Health Certificates for these dogs include the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) and CERF (eyes).

Australian Terrier Grooming requirements

Grooming requirements for the Terrier are quite low, as these dogs are naturally clean. Regular nail trimming and weekly brushing will help to keep your dog in good shape, along with regular teeth brushing and occasional ear cleaning. Baths should be given only occasionally.

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Australian Terrier History

Not only was the Australian the first dog that was native bred in Australia to be shown, but also the first that was recognized overseas. Descending from British and Scottish Terriers, official breed status by the AKC was achieved in 1960.


In 2006 the Australian Terriers ranked 113th out of 155 in terms of popularity. This was a slight fall from its ranking in 2005, which was 107th out of 155.

Dog group

The Australian Terrier belongs to the AKC Terrier Group.


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