Caring For Turtles (Feeding, Pen/Tank, Tips & More)


When it comes to caring for turtles, it is not as time taking and tedious as taking care of other pets such as cats, dogs, fishes, etc. All one needs to require while taming turtles is great observation power to devotedly observe the activities of the pet. Being a passive and speechless pet, the turtles need constant monitoring. Let’s have a glance at the various points one must keep in mind when it comes to caring for turtles.



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Let the turtle pen/tank be the comfiest corner of the world for your pet:


A vital element that should never be escaped when taking caring for turtles is the home you provide to it. Remember the habitat you are going to provide to your pet turtle should have a close resemblance to the place where it originally lived.


One should know if the turtle is a completely land turtle or a partially land and partially water turtle. One should also as the storekeeper about the gallon capacity with which the pet will be very comfortable with. Basking, hiding and hibernating areas for the turtles should be arranged if the specie bears those tendencies. Try creating a natural habitat atmosphere with the help of backgrounds, barks, tunnels, etc.



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Feed the turtle right:

Most of the turtles are known for taking omnivorous diets and similarly you should also provide them with a combination diet when taming them. An important part of turtle care is to provide them with an adequate amount of vitamin D3. Along with essential vitamins and supplements, one should also encourage the intake of calcium in their diet so that they develop a strong protective shell.


Some of the other important constituents to be included in their diet are pre-killed mice, bugs known to be a rich calcium source, fishes, earthworms, snails, similar insects, and special vegetation. The vegetation suitable for pet turtles includes veggies which are high content of vitamin D3 and calcium in them. Some such vegetables are dandelions, turnip greens, blackberries, and carrots. The amount of meal provided to the turtle should also be strictly looked upon, overfeeding and under feeding may lead to fatal situations.


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Other caring for turtles tips never to be forgotten when caring a turtle:

Besides taking care of food and home, one should also be equally. Always keep in mind that the capacity of the tank should cater to the needs of your pet turtle. Moreover, it’s not only the capacity but also the water in it, the water should not be chlorinated and if you have no option than to fill in the tank with tap water then keep it under the sun for24 hours before pouring.


For drinking, only spring water should be provided to the pet. It should get enough room to move about. There shall be proper arrangements for it to bask, proper arrangements include a light, shade and a basking lamp.


Lastly, to keep your pet relaxed try to keep them away from rowdy kids who tend to scare them. Also, take immense care when it comes to the hygiene of the pet and remember to clean your hands whenever you touch the turtle. Not only before touching but also after it to avoid salmonella. Keep in mind the mentioned points to live a long obstacle-free life with your pet.


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