Cat Care: All You Need To Know About It In 2020

I love to sit in the window and look out and think about cat care. When the door opens sometimes I poke my head out to see what’s outside. I’m pretty happy inside but other cats are less inclined. Let’s face it, Siamese are inquisitive and we want to know what’s happening and we want to be a part of it. You’ve read and you may have even agree with the breeder to keep your Siamese inside. You have cat trees and scratching posts and you have interactive cat toys and lovely cat beds but your Siamese still wants to be outside. So, lets know more about cat care below:

How To Do Cat Care?


You may have window ledges up and they enjoy lookin gout. You’ve even put up a nice bird feeder where the birds will congregate near where your cat sits and still your cat wants to do outside. What are you to do?

Tips For Cat Care

Well, try the Kittywalk Containment System. This is a wonderful system that allows you to confine your cat, but give them the benefits of fresh outside air. They are not confined by a harness but in a small completely covered pen, which allows fresh air and wind and the smells of outside in, but does not let the cat out.

The Kittywalk system has a variety of modules which allows you to get as elaborate as you wish. There is a penthouse (making your Siamese feel right at home!), a fun run and the basic lawn tube that the cats can run through. They even have packages that include several different modules which can be fitted together to create a grand area for your cat to play.


If you Siamese wants to explore the neighborhood as well, well try the Kittywalk stroller! The social butterfly Siamese will love it. The rest of us will hate you for it, but if we’ve eaten a bit too much. the stoller part is great for taking to the vet. If you just need the carrier, that can be detached and you have the perfect way to take us some place we probably don’t want to go.

Face it, left alone outside, your Siamese is at the risk of cars, other people, poisons left out for rodents, dogs and, depending upon where you live, even wild animals. We are athletic and can jump, climb and run and our claws are formidable weapons, we’re still at risk. The Kittywalk keeps us safe while letting us get a taste of what it’s like in the great outdoors!

Check: WikiHow’s Guide for Taking Care of Your Cat

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