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Cat Illness Symptoms

Cats are calm pets by nature. The owner has to be really close to the cat to know that it is sick. To analyze your cat illness symptoms you must observe the pet very closely and should try to make out any change in its behavior, eating pattern, sleep pattern, and general mood.

Cat Illness

Like other species on this earth cats fall sick too, but they are gentle and quite bearable in nature. A dog might bark and bark until the owner knows that it is in trouble, but the cat takes a peaceful path and makes itself sit silently in a corner. Thus the owner has to be really agile to know about cat illness symptoms.

To make out whether your cat is actually sick or not and whether it needs medical attention you should not go by only one cat symptom. For example, if your cat vomits once does not necessarily mean that it is suffering from something serious. However, if it vomits a couple of times during the day and continues doing the same other days also, then you must take it to the vet.

Here are some common cat illnesses symptoms and the possible causes associated with them:

Vomiting :

Swallowing their hairball is a very common cause of vomiting among cats. Vomiting once in a while is okay for cats but if the cat vomits more than twice in a day, traces of blood are found in the vomit, worms come out in the vomit, then the cat must be taken to the vet. Then the cat might be suffering from feline kidney diseases or over the fatty liver.

Loss of Appetite:

Once in a while, it is okay for the cat not to feel hungry the usual way. The cat might not finish the food if it does not like the taste, or if the weather makes the animal uneasy. Sometimes due to constipation also cats don’t feel like eating. Stress or some change in the environment also leads to loss of appetite in cats. However, if the cat is actually eating very less as compared to its original diet, and retains the same pattern for a number of days then this be a cause to worry.

Loss of appetite may be due to flu, some dental problems, FIV, or something as serious as cancer. Only the vet can rule out any possibilities and do the proper diagnosis.

Bald Patches or Sores:

Bald patches or sore can be caused by various reasons like external parasites as fleas, some allergic reaction, dandruff, or excessive self-grooming by the cat.

Frequent Urination:

If you experience your cat urinating more than usual then your cat might be suffering from feline kidney disease like kidney stones. If the frequent urination continues then you must take the cat to a vet in order to rule out chances of cancer. The best way is to wait and watch for a few days. Cats also start urinating frequently due to stress-related to change in the atmosphere, the arrival of a new pet in the house, or any other cause of concern for them.

Above are only a few cat illness symptoms. Apart from these cats can also show symptoms like irritability, restlessness, weight loss, breathing difficulties, depending on the nature disease it is suffering from.

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