Top Cat Litter Info, Facts, Should & Shouldn’t Guide

Let me tell you a secret. Cats don’t need cat litter. We think a bit of dirt or sand is just fine. Cat litter was invented for humans. Get that? for humans. Humans wanted something that was more absorbant, easier to clean and smelled less.

Facts About Cat litter


There are clay litters that you dump out. There are scoopable litters and many choices of those. There are alternative litters, made from wheat or corn cob litters. There are a variety of biodegradable litters. Cat litter, is in fact, a fairly new invention. Prior to this, if cats were to use a litter box, humans went outside and scooped up some dirt and placed it in th box. If the cat was very lucky, then perhaps there was a some sand from outside that was used in the box.

Clay litter came along. It was more absorbent than most sand. It was, however, a bother to change and many owners wanted something better. Then the scoopable cat litter came along. However, it didn’t really flush as easily as promised. It was also dusty. Then there was the silica litter. This wasn’t nearly as dusty, but stepping on it was unpleasant both for the cat and the human! Shredded newspapers often left too much odor. Wheat was a very nice alternative as are corn cobs.



  • Be Absorbent
  • Easy to clean up
  • Mask oders or prevent them
  • Be easy to scratch
  • Not stick in my paws.


  • Track all over the house
  • Clog up the toilet
  • Smell
  • Be too low in the box to cover anything

I personally like World’s Best Cat Litter 

. This was the only brand that our finicky cat who liked to use the carpet would actually use in his litter box. I find it a fine cat litter. It is a little bit dusty but it’s not bad and it doesn’t bother my nose. It works in our automatic litter box and that’s important too!

My human also likes One Earth Cat Litter  which is quite biodegradable. I find that it’s also a fine litter but we have our preferences and so we keep on using the World’s Best. After all, I’m worth it!

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