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Top 12 Freshwater Aquarium Plants List for Beginners

Aquarium Plants Introduction Stems plants are rooted in the planted aquarium because they are tall, fast growing and easily propagated by simply cutting. All their features make them an ideal


20+ Tetra Fish Guide | Neon, Cardinal, Ember, Serpae Tetra

Tetras are a type of aquarium fish which are small, colorful and very serene. They can usually live in a 20 gallon fish tank, as they are shoaling species they


Swordtail Fish – Tropical Aquarium Fish Care Guide

The swordtail fish is easy to breed, peaceful and a bearer of life. It can be obtained in many color variations, as well as fin and tail variations. The most

German Blue Ram Cichlid Care, Breeding, Size Guide | Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi

German Blue Ram Basic Information The German Blue Ram cichlid is a vibrant colored fish which needs proper care in the aquarium. The fish has stunning yellow or orange bodies.