Chihuahua Dog Breed – Care, History & How To Select Best Pet?


History of Chihuahua Dog

It’s not so easy to describe their history but at least the origin points to Mexico. There are a lot of archeological probes about the existence of a particular dog very similar to the actual Chihuahua dog. Civilizations from Mexico (Mayans and Aztecs) points interesting references about the existence of dogs as many people know “Perro Mexicano desnudo” or “Mexican naked dog” without hair.

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Taking Care of your Chihuahua Dog

Chihuahua dogs are the smallest dogs on the planet! That also means that it’s very easy the job of taking care of this dog. They require minimal attention. Once a month as normal, they need a full examination. Check the ears to make sure they are clean. Make sure their teeth are clean, and their mustache.

Their nails raise like a rocket, so try to cut monthly to maintain lower, also the mustache would be better. The aspect of the dog depends on the frequent check you do. An owner who daily checks their Chihuahua would have a Chihuahua ready to be “the sensation”.

When inspecting your dog, be careful with their eyes, and also they don’t like people touch their ears. But, try to keep clean their ears since it’s the first place where dirty stuff accumulates.

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Smooth coat Chihuahuas doesn’t need to cut their hair. Otherwise, Long coat Chihuahuas need sometimes cut hair. Also, a bath requires a few times a year for dogs when owners are very responsible for the frequent examination. Use a shampoo for dogs, and a towel since they like to be warm. Oh, and of course put a good looking jersey to your dog.

How to select the ideal Chihuahua Dog

What kind of Chihuahua dog do you like? Long coat or Smooth coat? More simple…With the long hair and not so long hair? Maybe you want the smallest Chihuahua dog. Well even more small than actual Chihuahuas. WOW! Yeah…Chihuahua dog miniatures are a new sensation.

These are dogs that fit very well in your pocket. I have a few friends with this kind of Chihuahua and all I have to say is “what a small dog”. Like any other important decision in your life,

selecting a new Chihuahua it’s very important and doesn’t rush yourself, try doing research. Check our picture gallery, navigate through our web directory of chihuahuas for sale.

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I suggest doing research, especially on Google for a lot of useful websites with vast information about all kinds of Chihuahuas. There are a lot of colors to choose from. Chihuahua breeders should be the ideal source for more information and how to obtain that dog you want.

When selecting your dog, don’t select that silly dog that doesn’t want to show their face or is just sleeping. Select the dog that best attracts you, the dog who constantly looking for you.


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