Cool Fish Tanks – 25 Exciting Aquarium That Will Blow Your Mind!


Are you going from a lot of stress load and worried? Do you have insomnia or a patient of high blood pressure?


Grab a cool aquarium for your relaxation and get free from all stress!

Many researchers have found that watching fish in your daily routine can actually lower down your stress, and even it can help to maintain your blood pressure, making you feel better. It can be awe-inspiring and attracts much attention. Let me also tell you that besides having a regular tank you can have artistic tanks too which look way different from your regular ones.

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These are some unusual tanks which are far beyond then creative ideas that you can think of.   However, if your artist lover and have keen to look something Finnovative and creative, then these aquariums are definitely for you.

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One-Pot, Two Lives

You might have heard about two bodies one soul, isn’t the name here to suggest the same. It’s a planter, and a fish aquarium clubbed together.  It looks impressive and stands out like none other tanks you might have watched before.


The Air Aquarium

This aquarium is made up of glass, zeppelin-shaped tank held by a steel frame with aesthetic design and mixture of sober and straightforward elements that are part of everybody yet autonomous as per the saying of the French designer Amaury Poudray, popularly known for the brand new design studio “Matiere A”. 



The unique thought of clubbing music into your fish tank has made this aquarium famous for the music lovers. It combines a speaker with a tiny aquarium wherein a single fish lives in about 650 millilitres of water. RSPCA spokesman Hugh Wirth commented that when fishes fight for breathing in the oxygen, the tank becomes a hurdle for their survival due to its small size. So in this remark, you can clearly understand what bets for your fishes are. 


Aquarium Sink

The beautiful feature of this aquarium is that it gives you the ease to decorate your fish tank by rising the top level of the lid plus it gives both the sides spaces for large and circular entry for feeding fish. It makes you enjoy a complete Zen garden within your place without asking for large spaces.  


Mason Jar Fish Tank & Vase Shelf

You can quickly fill or clean the jars here by unscrewing the Jara that are at the bottom of the shelf. Through its big holes that are positioned in the Mason jar, the bettas, as well as the other species, could breathe in oxygen properly ensuring high sustainability of these fishes. It gives regions for plants and flowers to grow. A perfect spot to welcome your guest through the flowers present inside it.


Fishscape Fishbowl

You might have seen many ordinary Fishbowl. But this fish tank made with the thought of Fishbowl can make you ponder. The idea is so great to create a fish tank which no other person had thought of. The fish tank that gives you the feel of a mountain range is here. The design itself is a refreshing interpretation of Classic fishbowl, giving it a dazzling look. 


Telephone Booth Aquarium

If you asked would you like to take an aquarium that looks like a telephone booth will you purchase it?

My answer would be, why not? In today’s time, people are busier with phones rather than being bookworms. Benoitlle and Benedetto Bufalino have transformed a regular telephone booth into a working aquarium for the Lyon Light Festival in France. 


Fish Tank Coffee Table

What if you saw a coffee table, but oh my God you see a fish swimming inside? The imagination itself gets you the Goosebumps, right! There is an aquarium designed of releveled glass which is just like a coffee table, and due to its glass, it won’t even disturb the fishes inside the table tank. It has two-inches of an opening surface where you can easily feed them and decorate the tank. You will have no problem in lifting the glass. 

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Pipeline Fish Tank

Pipeline Fish Tank

Have you ever seen fishes roaming in and around you as if they have got wings to fly? There is this another unique designed fish aquarium known as pipeline fish tank. It is designed by the fan of fishes and aquariums. You can see how passionate that person would be by his dedication to the love of fishes. He runs a cafe and has this pipeline all over that cafe through which the fishes swim all over the walls biting pipeline popping from one place to another.


Aquarium Office Table

When don’t you have space for your thing to keep what you do? Will you compromise or give up the job? You will probably choose one of the answers but what if I tell you, there’s no need to choose any of them because I found the mid-way. Yes, you heard me correct, if your aquarium lover but do not have the space to place it in your office you can bring in the aquarium office table wherein the table is made of the tank.


Portable Fishbowl

This fishbowl makes you move along with the fish. The creativity to its next level, you see. So what are you thinking to go and make this new portable fishbowl in your list? It’s mobile, and you can clearly see the thought which implies out of the box. This Fishbowl will genuinely make your eyes pop out. 


Old TV Aquarium

Have you heard about Old TVs what will you do of it if it’s a waste for you. You will probably throw it off but what if I say they’re an Old TV aquarium introduced and people do purchase it. So the old TV’s fans could bring it on for continuing their passion with fish as well as tv.


Aquarium Sofa

The place where you most often sit and tend to do naughty stuff…your sofa. If there’s an aquarium where you could be allowed to have in sofas so that you see them regularly and feel relaxed, will you buy it? Well if it’s me then a big thumbs up! I would definitely get this into my list. The fish tank that not just makes you relax and calm but also make the viability to see those tiny fishes which nobody would even wonder. So sneak out and grab this fantastic sofa tank.


Fish Bowls

These bowls are so unique that you will fall in love with them. It shows fifteen various pieces that discover different varieties of iconic images of fish. Each piece tells its own story by providing a solution or giving you a topic to different problems, just like a human being quality are imprinted to a fish.


Labyrinth Aquarium

Designed for tropical freshwater fish is labyrinth tank. Seems to be quiet impressive as they come with three different colours.  Cherry, carbon fibre and black are the three colours offered. They have lights and rare filtration process making it creative and innovative.


Hanging Fish Tank

You might have heard about the hanging garden but have you heard about the hanging fish tank? Probably not. As just as the name suggests, the fish tank is kind of hanging aquarium. It has an LED light which is fixed at the top of the tank. These holes are used to feed the fishes. The structure is designed in an exact manner. 

Infinity Aquarium

Infinity Aquarium

The tank is linked with its geometrical designed form. It’s the repetitive figure of shape starts creating a metaphor in the views of the people. The creator would be a maths fan definitely because its intricate design makes us think of mathematical tank. But the design makes you think out of the box, and it’s too fantastic with its innovation. 


Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Desktop jellyfish is designed explicitly for the jellyfish.  The tank is easy to maintain and quietly affordable. It’s quite impressive in look and gives you a pleasant feeling. If your tech-savvy and want to do something interesting but don’t want actually to work just want to see then this jellyfish can bring a smile on your face. 

The Nest

Don’t let just hamster have all the fun. Fosh Hamstershes too can own their own house and roam around wherever they wish to go. It’s their house, and they can quickly move without being forced to live in a small place. Now the children can live in their room with as common space that they had. 


World Trip Aquarium

Are you a traveller? And want to explore the world just by seeing something that can blow up your mind. Then this fish tank is damn fresh for you. You can see the whole world in just one fish tank, am totally not kidding! Sounds impossible right but there is a glass goldfish basin which has a world map inscribed on it. The fish as well as you can enjoy the world trip getting into a fantastic adventure. 

Duplex Aquarium

Duplex Aquarium / Bird Cage

Duplex is the tank or a cage which empowers an encounter between a fish and a bird. To make fish feel that it is flying the aquarium is thermoformed. The fish tank makes you feel like the room in the hotel. They are so we’ll construct and quiet impressive. It catches your eye without making you blink. 


Dog House Aquarium

You don’t want your one pet to get annoyed by seeing the other pet, right? You probably want both of them to coexist peacefully. So to make your four-legged friends fortunate to see both the animals living happily carry on the Dog house aquarium that ensures the excellent stay. No fight, no run only fun and happiness spread all around. 


Pot Aquarium

What if you are too much attached to your bathroom. Well, to achieve this dream, you just need some creative and unique aquarium so that it can help to boost your creativity level and keep you relaxed. Its stunning outlook will make your eyes bulge out. 


Guitar Fish Tank

If you and your music lovers are passionate about playing the guitar and also are fish friendly, then this is what you need. Entire aquarium to be fit in your house. This tank is shaped in guitar with proper procedures for maintenance and keeping your fishes healthy and secure.

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As mentioned above, you have end number of options to choose your desired fish tank. In today’s time, the thing that you wish for is merely possible within no time getting waste as the technology has been so developed that you find so many solutions for your single problem. Here’s too, the difference in desires has made it possible to gift you chance of giving you a whole lot of options to pick one that suits you. No single aquarists will be left out; there is an aquarium for everyone so which one would you like to join in your family?

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