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What Will the Judges Look For in the Color of your Delta Guppies


Delta Guppies


If your ultimate goal is to breed and show guppies then you are really going to want to be tuned in to what the judges may look for when judging your guppies. The two major points that they will be focusing on will be the color and the shape. In this post were going to look at what the judges are going to expect from the color of your Delta guppies.




When you look closely at your mail guppy you are going to see that there are several body parts with various colors. When looking at the various areas of color the two important aspects are going to be the density and the intensity and this is what the judges will award points on.


The tail


For the tail, delta guppies the judge wall looks for decent coverage when it comes to density except along the trailing edge. When it comes to the intensity they will look for varying shades of color. A total of 11 points can be awarded.


Dorsal color


For the density, it will be the color in half and the intensity will be based on varying shades with a total of eight points that can be gained.



Delta Guppies Body – Color


For the density, they will look for coverage better than half and for the intensity they will look for various shades with a total of eight points that can be gained.



Knowing what your guppies are going to be judged on with their color now means that you really want to focus on getting the best color ratio that you can. What this color is, is a reflection of light reflecting crystals of a component called guanine that is under the skin of the guppy or referred to as its skin pigmentation.


When your fry is first born it is hard to distinguish it with respect to color from the male to the females, delta guppies but if you look closely at the fry you may see an iridescent look which is going to distinguish your males.


What some may not realize is that there can be a change in the color of a guppy based on the water conditions that they are being subjected to. While these changes may not be dramatic some have reported that when they have shipped a top-quality guppy from one water area to another that the color has changed quite significantly. For example, a guppy that started out looking blue may change to looking green.



When choosing the color of delta guppies that you want to focus on you will find that the reds and yellows have been focused on the most and have been bred to top quality. The blues, greens, and purples have not been the favored and therefore are still underdeveloped, and if you are looking for a real challenge then perhaps these are the colors that you want to really try it to intensify in your breeding efforts.


You have a lot to focus on when it comes to breeding the level of show delta guppies that are going to place well. You not only have to focus on the choice of your breeding selection but also on the feeding and water conditions, and a general raising of your guppies. While this may seem like a lot of work it is one that brings the many hours of enjoyment and intrigue and you never know what color you may end up with in regards to your breeding endeavors.


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