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When you bring your dog puppy home, you should take great care to ensure he is properly registered with your city or county officials. Most cities or counties require each dog that lives within the boundaries is registered with the appropriate office.



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In addition to registering your dog’s name and address, you may also need to provide the appropriate medical records and vaccination history. This latter file is incredibly important since the main purpose of registering a dog with the city or county office is to ensure the dog is healthy and does not pose a potential problem to anyone else.


Many city or county governments require that dogs that live within the limits have a rabies shot record that is up to date. Your dog may need to wear a specific tag that displays the date of the rabies booster. This rabies tag is provided by your dog’s veterinarian when he or she administers the rabies booster when the time comes due.




When your dog puppy is registered, you should ensure he has the appropriate identification tag that is required by the county or city government. Even if your city or county does not require registration in a government office, you should still provide your dog with an identification tag in case he becomes lost.


An identification tag will be an excellent tool for finding your dog in case he runs away or becomes lost. This tag should contain the dog’s name as well as your family’s last name, home address, and home telephone number. If your dog does become separated from you for any reason and he is found by animal control and kenneled in an animal shelter, you will have a greater chance of finding him and bringing him home.


Another great way to keep track of your dog puppy is through a tiny microchip inserted under a dog’s skin. By registering your dog using one of these microchips, you ensure his safety in case he should become lost or is stolen from your premises. This microchip stays with your dog for the duration of his life and can never be removed once it is inserted. Quite often, cautious dog owners provide their dogs with the appropriate identification tags, only to have the tags removed or fall off and leave the dog unidentified and unknown.




This microchip system has experienced a great deal of success over the years of its implementation process. The procedure itself can be performed at your dog’s veterinarian’s office and takes only a few seconds to successfully insert the microchip. The procedure is no more painful than a simple shot, so it requires no numbing or anesthesia for your pet. The registration fee is a small price to pay in exchange for the peace of mind the information present on the microchip provides.


Furthermore, you will need to register your dog puppy with a professional kennel association if you plan on showing or registering your dog. In order to complete this registration process, you should have a complete version of the puppy’s family tree on hand. The dog puppy’s parental lineage will be asked in order for you to successfully register your dog, so you should be sure to ask your breeder before you purchase the puppy so that he or she will be able to provide you with the proper documentation of the pup’s lineage.


In addition to registering your dog with a national kennel association, you may want to register your pooch with a breed-specific organization. Purebred puppies should be registered with their appropriate breed-specific organization in order to best protect the breed and work to prolong the purity of the bloodline.


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