Eheim Canister Filter Guide – Eheim 2211/2213/2215/2217 Reveiws

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When it comes to aquarium filters a user should not look anywhere as they already have the powerful Eheim canister filter. This aquarium filter comes in different variants according to the size of the tank.

The most popular filters versions of Eheim have the model name Eheim 2217/2215/2213/2211 variant. These filters are of canister type which is said to be the most quite filter along with a meager sound that is totally silent.

These are considered as the fastest and the most powerful aquarium filters in the market. These are a great choice when it comes to the filtering of an aquarium tank that can hold or handle about 160gallons of water and these filters are of classic series.

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The Eheim filter is a very well known brand and is gaining praise and demand of the general public thanks to their durable canister and very durable and sturdy build quality.

The Eheim Classic is given the title of a powerful filter by many famous reviews and also many from the general public rated it amazing. In this below review we are going to discuss the various canister filter variants in detail with all the advantages and disadvantages.

The Best Eheim Canister Filter Models

Model of the Filter: Eheim Classic 150 (Eheim 2211) Eheim Classic 250 (Eheim 2213) Eheim Classic 350 (Eheim 2215) Eheim Classic 600 (Eheim 2217)
Rate of Flow of Water by the Filter  Up to 79 gallons per hour Up to 116 gallons per hour Up to 164 gallons per hour Up to 264 gallons per hour
Rated for Tanks Suitable for 40-gallon tanks Suitable for 60-gallon tanks Suitable for 90-gallon tanks Suitable for 160-gallon tank
Best for Type Best and good for 15 to 20-gallon aquarium Best and good for 30-gallon aquarium Best and good for 40-gallon tank Best and good for up to 75-gallon aquarium
Filter Capacity 0.3 gallons of water 0.8 gallons of water 1 gallon of water 1.6 gallons of water

Complete Overview of The Eheim Filters


The Eheim canister filters are made of canister type and come in different varieties but in this review, we are looking upon the classic range, this Eheim filter is very well known in the market for a very long time thanks to their good durability, better effectiveness, and quite an operation.

They are being praised by the aquarium community for the above-mentioned points. These are much known for lasting long for many years without provided you do some basic infrequent maintenance.

A user will never face any kind of trouble or issue with this filter for a long time. The Eheim classic is great and can be used to work on both saltwater and freshwater aquarium. These Eheim filters are equipped with all the necessary items or the accessories that are required to set it up the system of effectively.

Eheim Canister Filter Advantages and Disadvantages



The Eheim filter is a well-made aquarium filter and hence provides the user with almost no sound while operating so that you can enjoy watching your fishes without the annoying filter sounds.

  • The Eheim classic is made like a gun with highly durable construction with higher-grade materials that provides this filter with a very long life.
  • This filter can be adjusted with the higher or lower flow of water that comes with a pray bar which offers complete control and customization.
  • Despite being well made and durable it is very much cheaper when compared to the other filters available in the market.
  • This aquarium filter is equipped with an outstanding filtration system. It is a biological type of filtration that contains a large amount of substrate namely Substrate pro which is a form of biological media.
  • The Eheim canister filter is very easy to operate along with easier assembling and disassembling the filters at the time of maintenance.
  • It lasts for many years and is energy rated for consuming less power and lowering the electricity bills.


  • This Eheim canister filter is a very good product but comes with some disappointments like the filter does not include a button for priming and hence a user has to manually prime this filter.
  • It is slightly harder to maintain and causes mess while working on the filter at the time of maintenance as it is not equipped with Media trays which are otherwise available with all other major filter brands.

The Eheim Classic Filter Feature a Large and Multi-Stage Type of Filtration

The Eheim canister filter is equipped with a circular chamber for filtration which can be modified by the user with much ease and he can place his own filter media that he prefers so as to attain the best possible filtration.

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This is purely a user who chooses to install his own filter media but the biological filter media that comes with the Eheim 2211 and other variants is also one of the best filtration media and is claimed to be very advanced when compared to its competitors.

The Mechanical Filtration of Eheim 2217/2215/2213/2211 Canister Filter Series

Before we get into biological filtration you must first understand the process of mechanical filtration of the Eheim 2215 and other variants which is similar for all the classic canisters type variants.

The part of mechanical filtration is done by the help and use of the pre-filtering Mechanical media by Eheim. The mechanical filtration includes the use of filter pads. These filter pads are designed to fit the round circle which is common in all the canisters type filters.

The mechanical filtration of the Eheim classic 150/250/350/600 canisters filter is made in such a way that it catches all the filth and dirt particles generated by the fishes and other aquatic animals of your aquarium and this things go to the bottom.

As this is mechanical filtration the dirt generated is caught up and can be removed manually by the user. The mechanical filtration equipped in this filter is said to be lasting a long time and the filter pads can be used frequently until they wear off.

The Biological Filtration of Eheim Classic 150/250/350/600 Filter Series

The biological filtration of the Eheim canister filter is done by the Substrate which in case of this canister type filter is the Substrate pro version. This type of substrate includes the usage of ceramic and Ceramite rings which acts as biological filter media. In different canister filters, these are slightly better as compared to the classic variants.

It is made up of sintered glass. This sintered glass is manufactured artificially. The filter media in the case of Eheim 2217 and other variants has very small tiny holes and pores which stops the dirt and is very helpful in establishing a colony of nitric bacteria that are very helpful and are considered as good bacteria.

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There is a substantially good amount of substrate pro media included in the box of the Eheim canister filters which allows you to have the best possible type of biological filtration that protects your fishes and other aquatic animals from harmful chemicals such as ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates successfully.

The Chemical Filtration of Eheim Filter Series

The process of the chemical type of filtration is done in the Eheim 2217/2215/2213/2211 canister aquarium filters by the equipped carbon pad. This carbon pad acts as a filter pad and is very effective in removing all of the impurities, dirt, and filth produced by the fish and other aquatic animals.

It protects your fishes from harmful toxins which are usually the cause of death of your fishes. It is advised that you replace the carbon filter pad only when it is worn out as it is the best in the class of filter pad.

In case your filter pad is damaged then you can use then you can change the filter media with activated carbon too.

While a majority of the canister type filter manufacturers use filter Media in the form of the tray the Eheim canister filter series use only a single circular canister based filter.

This type of unique design allows the canister filter to store a large amount of filter media which is otherwise not possible with other canister filters.

The Eheim 2217/2215/2213/2211 Canister Filter has High Flow Rate, Along with Very Quiet Operation and Long Lasting Pump


The Eheim filters are made with high quality of materials. As we know the motor is the most important part of an aquarium filter this product has fulfilled the criteria of the motor too.

It is equipped with a very long-lasting and sturdy motor which also goes by the name impeller that basically means a water pumping machine. The lid is made of sturdy hard plastic and is able to last for a long time.

This water pump is fixed in the upper lid of the aquarium tank which solves the problem of smaller space. The aquarium pump of Eheim 2217 and other variants is said to be the major attraction of this canister filter and is liked and praised by many of user that is using it from a very long time usually years.

This Eheim classic 150/250/350/600 canister filter is rated energy conversant and is able to operate while consuming the least amount of electricity. The operation of this Eheim canister filter id very silent and the filter last for a longer time when compared to its competitors.

Salient Features of Eheim Filter

The rate at which the water is pushed by the Eheim classic 150 and other variants is very high and is completely enough to keep the whole aquarium tank with circulating water which is filtered.

If a user feels that the flow of water is very high for the fishes and other aquatic animals to move then he can effectively adjust the flow of water with the control valve easily.

If you want the filtered water coming out of the canister filter to be gentle then you can attach a spray bar which reduces the water pressure and makes it comfortable for all the aquatic animals to move freely.

Setting Up and the Maintenance Work of the Eheim Classic 150/250/350/600 Canister Filter Series


Eheim filters are designed in order to keep the user with a minimal amount of maintenance work. The Eheim classic 250 and other variants are very easy to set up in the aquarium tank.

The lid of the aquarium is fixed with the canister with the help of clips which are five in number. These clips can be easily removed by the aquarist manually without the need of any other tools such as the screwdrivers etc.

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Hence it makes it very easy for the user to maintain the aquarium tank thanks to the easier access to the internal after removing the lids with just 5 clips. A user doesn’t have to worry about any kind of problems arising from the filters.

For the protection of water leakage after you have done with all the maintenance work as it comes with the sealing ring between the two surfaces that of the canister and the lid which is very helpful in preventing any loss or leakage of water successfully.

Positive Part of Eheim Classic Filter Series

As the design of the Eheim canister filter is that of without bracelets for the purpose of storing the circular filter media.

It becomes easier for the user to remove it and clean it without spilling water and dirt all over the place. For much better operation is recommended that you use a different filter bag in order to keep the filter media separate.

The Eheim Classic 150 is pre-equipped with lattice screens for the purpose of keeping the different types of filter media separately. The sole use of keeping the filter bags separately is that it makes it easier to clean and maintain the canister filter.

Negative Part of Eheim Classic Canister Filter

The main negative aspect of the Eheim filter type aquarium filters is that it is not equipped with a button for priming or calibrating the filter automatically. A user has not manually prime the filter. There are many tutorials on YouTube that you can follow to easily prime your filter.


The Eheim 2217/2215/2213/2211 series is the best canister filter in the market right now. It offers better durability and long working life. The filtration of the Eheim canister filter is very powerful and circulates the water effectively all around the tank.

For further details about setting up the Eheim filter, we recommend that you read the manual. Based on the size of your tank you can choose the appropriate model after reading this detailed and comprehensive guide.



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