Fluval Fx6, Fx4 Series Canister Filter for Aquarium Review

What is a Canister Filter?

Having a large aquarium us certainly a lavish feel, but it could be too much work in maintenance. Particularly when it comes to cleaning, filling, and emptying the tank. Cleaning a huge Fish Tank manually may lead to a huge trouble, but can easily be eradicated by investing in a high quality, easy to install and powerful fish tank Canister Filter. Canister Filters use an intake tube, sieve, or valve to remove water from the fish tank. This water then goes through a filter media in a pressurized canister. This filtered water gets pumped into the aquarium via spill way or spray bar.


Fluval Fx6 & Fluval Fx4 Canister Filters

Both the Fluval Fx6 and Fluval Fx4 are one of the top rated, highly preferred, powerful aquarium canister filters. These prove to be absolutely worthy choice for large aquariums for hassle free maintenance. The most favored, highly efficient and beasts of the market are the models of Fx series launched by Fluval. This includes Fluval Fx6 and Fx4. These are high performance External Canister Filters launched by the company Hagen Fluval. These Fluval Canister Filters have similar but impeccable features that is user friendly, highly efficient, cost effective and budget friendly. These Fish Tank Filters are easy to install and even much easier to clean and maintain.

Table of Content Contents

  • Difference between the two .
  • Specifications of the individual filters.
  • Features Fluval Fx6 and Fluval Fx4 offer the customer.
  • Methods to clean and maintain the filters.
  • Smeary pump.
  • Advantageous features.
  • Most suitable choice according to the need of the customer.

Difference between Fluval Fx6 and Fx4 Canister Filters

Size of the two canister filters is the most apparent difference. The Fluval Fx6 is suitable and preferred for larger tanks which pump up to 400 gallons, while the Fluval Fx4 is mostly used for smaller tanks approximately of 250 gallons or less. Another difference is that Fluval Fx6 has up to six layers of filtration while Fluval Fx4 has five layers due to smaller size. The former also has a higher flow rate than the latter which is suitable for larger tanks.


Fluval Fx6 Specification

The Fluval Fx6 pump measures about 16” x 15” x 20” in dimensions. It’s body weight is around 19 pounds. It is suitable for aquariums up to 300- 400 gallons and has a maximum pump output of around 1000 gallons per hour.

Fluval Fx4 Specification

The Fluval Fx4 pump measures 15.6” x 15.6” x 17.7”. It’s weight is around 14 pounds. This canister filter is suitable for aquariums up to 300 gallons. It’s filter can pump up to 800 gallons of water per hour.

Features of Fluval Fx6

Fluval Fx6 Canister Filter is most famous and highly rated product among the customers specifically with large aquariums. The most important feature of Fluval Canister Filter is it’s huge output and pumping capacity which is specified at around 1000 gallons per hour. This is the most suitable feature which allows the user to maintain a clean, healthy Aquarium tank while ensuring easy usage. The baskets meant for the medium are placed in such a way that imparts a tremendous cleaning capacity. These have an impeccable engineering and do not allow water bypass which usually is a complain among the users. These are designed in such a way that they give the most efficient outcome. It offers multilayer filtration of up to six layers which is much more than what other products in the market offer.


Features of Fluval Fx4

Fluval Fx4 Canister Filter is produced mainly for smaller tanks which require pumping up to 300- 400 gallons per hour. It is smaller than Fx6 while it has similar features. This pump also offers multilayer filtration up to 5 layers. It eradicates bypass of the water and hence is equally suitable for smaller tanks. It has an additional feature of evacuation of air every 12 hour, can hold up to 1 gallon of media and has an automated self priming function. Fx4 Fluval Canister Filter is a powerful and efficient pump and due to it’s smaller size and compactness, it can easily fit under the tank.



Cleaning and Maintenance of Canister Filters

The filter has a good flow rate. The larger debris are already filtered out and the inner media is prevented from being contaminated or clogged. Both the Fluval Fx Series pumps have ease of cleaning and maintenance. Both of the pumps come with built-in indicators in dial forms which show the accurate timing for the filters to be cleaned or evacuated.

It is also featured with a valve that is located at the bottom of the filter that makes cleaning of the fish tank comfortable. The same valve can also be utilized for evacuation of the filter tank.

Method of cleaning the filter is easy. The valves to the input and output have to be closed  An external output has to be attached to the output valve and the media has to be drained out of the tank. This avoids spillage and is a hassle free technique.

Methods of filtration

Mechanical filtration : It is achieved by foam pads. The main media baskets are lined with a foam padding that allows an effective mechanical pre-filtering.

Biological filtration : This is achieved by bio foam and biomax. This works by the breakdown of toxic compounds in the water such as ammonia and nitrates which may be harmful for the fish.

Chemical filtration : This is achieved by carbon foam. The carbon particles in the foam traps the hazardous compounds such as phosphates. It also prevents overgrowth of algae which may lead to unhealthy and unclean tank hence not suitable for the fishes and other useful organisms.

Smart pump-up

This is an advanced microchip technology and is the main feature that ensures high efficiency and power and the reason behind the huge success of the products in the market. The technology constantly monitors the entire pump. It continuously measures the force of the pump and impeller speed to maximize efficiency in energy use and impart higher power output. It also features an automatic start and is monitored by the smart pump. One of the crucial features is automatic air evacuation. This feature enables the prevention of the air build up in the filtration system . The pump has a feature of pause which enables any trapped air to escape, therefore imparting desired filtration levels. The user only needs to add water. The filter is automatic hence rest of the work is completed by smart pump itself.

Advantageous features-

  • Self-priming without manual siphon – requires only the addition of water and smart pump does rest of the work.
  • Purge valve with a drain hose near the bottom of the filter for easier drainage of the canister and water changes without lifting heavy buckets. This hose can also be used to drain some water out of the filter to make it lighter.
  • Adjustable multi-directional output nozzles that return the purified water to the aquarium in different directions that ensures better circulation and much efficient disposal of the waste produced.
  • Versatile intake with telescopic stem and anti-clog strainer prevents the clog inside the canister by the large wastes, ensure the constant water flow, and protects the fish from being sucked into the filter.
  • Large filter capacity is capable of accommodating a considerable amount of filter materials for better filtration and less maintenance.
  • Aqua-stop valves with leak-proof attachment system make maintenance easier by shutting off the water flow without leaks and spillage.
  • The valves can easily be rotated in their positions and hence are easy to use.


The only major drawback users mention occasionally is the removal and replacement of lid and hoses. The lid needs to be secured properly after each use or cleaning. It doesn’t have a quick release mechanism hence makes it slightly difficult but gradually the user can get used to it.

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