French Bulldog Dog Breed Information, History, and Care


The French Bulldog is known to have a very sweet and affectionate personality, getting along well with other animals and dogs in most cases, and also with older children.



This is a dog that can sometimes become a little reliant on one particular person that it bonds well with, and is a dog that thrives on attention and companionship. The French Bulldog is also a very playful and entertaining breed and displays keenness and enthusiasm.


Bulldog Physical features


This is a sturdy and robust looking dog, with distinctive bat-like ears that stand erect on a squarish, flat head. It has a pug nose and wide-set, dark eyes that lend it an intelligent expression. The skin of the Bulldog is loose, and the coat is short and soft, coming in fawn, white, or brindle, as well as in combinations of fawn or brindle with white markings. The height of the French Bulldog is around twelve inches, and the weight can range from 19-28 pounds.


Is he right for you?


If you are away for long periods of time or do not have the time to commit to a pet, then this breed is not right for you. This may also not be the right choice if you have younger children or babies. However, those with other pets and older children should fare well with this breed. This dog will be fine living in an apartment providing moderate exercise is provided in a suitable environment, and he does need to have the attention and love of a dedicated owner.




Bulldog Health Problems


There are a number of health problems associated with the French Bulldog. This includes respiratory problems and eye problems. Excessive weight gain should be avoided as this can also contribute to breathing problems.


French Bulldog Grooming requirements


The  Bulldog does not require much in the way of grooming other than a regular brush to keep his coat smooth and glossy. An occasional wipe over with a damp cloth will help to keep the coat clean and shiny.


French Bulldog History


Originally developed as a miniature of the English Bulldog, the French actually originates from England and were imported to France in the mid-1800s, where they were crossed with French Terriers resulting in the French that we know today. There was much controversy over giving the breed the name of Bulldog, as the English were up in arms over the fact that the dog actually originated from England.





The French Bulldog ranked 36th out of 155 on the AKC popularity rankings in 2006, which was a slight rise from its position of 38th in 2005.


Dog group

The French Bulldog comes under the AKC Non-sporting group.


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