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Becoming a Guppy Food Chef

As a guppy owner, you can approach your hobby in several different ways when it comes to feeding your fish. You can simply go to your aquarium shop and buy the guppy food that is labeled fit for guppy food and merely feed them according to the directions. If however, you want to take the extra step and make sure that your guppy food is going to be kept in the best condition possible then you may want to do a little more when it comes to their food preparation.




If you are keeping your guppy food fish merely as a hobby then for having this form of pet then you are probably not going to want to spend a great deal of time when it comes to their feeding regime and food preparation.


However, if you are raising fancy guppies because you want to show them or you are a really enthusiastic hobbyist then you are going to enjoy taking some extra food preparation measures.


You are going to find that you have the choice of live, frozen foods, or dried foods. You are also going to find that there is a choice for some food preparations from your very own kitchen.



Beef Hearts :


With the beef hearts, you have to make sure that you clean them well and remove any of the fat or sinew that is on the meat. You can then grate it and freeze it and use it when needed. This is a food that is great for young guppies but you may not want to give it to your adult guppies because they have the risk of forming what is called a fatty liver.


This is noted by seeing a bulge in their chest. When you are mixing the Beef heart for the younger guppies you can add some extra ingredients for additional nutrients such as vitamins. One of the benefits of serving  Beef heart is that it is really an excellent growth food for the growing guppies.



Grindal Worms :


You also can take a look at raising Grindal worms which are quite a bit larger than micro worms. These you can feed to your guppies that have reached the length of about a half-inch long up to adulthood. They are relatively easy to raise as you can raise them in small containers using sterilized peat moss that is kept moist, or you can even use potting soil.


To feed them you simply feed them baby cereal. They are heat tolerant but what you have to watch for is that they don’t become infested with mites or gnats.



Mosquito Larva :


While under other circumstances you will be doing your best to get rid of mosquito larva when it comes to food for your guppies then this is one of the most the natural foods that you can supply them with. Here you can grow them in a controlled environment in an outdoor tub during the summer. All you need to do is encourage the tub to create bacteria.


You can do this by adding or allowing the water to turn green as it sits. You can add some grass clippings into it to speed up the process. You can then gather the larva once it has been laid with a net and make sure that you rinse it well. Only gather as much as you need for the feeding time otherwise you’re going to end up with the house laden with mosquitoes.


Wingless fruit flies

Wingless fruit flies :


You can grow the fruit fly similar to the micro worms, however, you may want to keep them in the refrigerator in a covered container once you’ve harvested them as this will cause them to move more slowly. Again you only want to be feeding enough for one feeding since any that are not eaten will end up leaving the tank and contaminating your home.


Guppy Food treats :


If you want to supply the occasional treat for your guppy food then some individuals have found that frozen peas that have been run under warm water and then the skin removed is something that the guppy food really enjoys. I would only put one or two of these in the tank at one time and remove them as soon as the guppies begin to ignore them.


On the rare occasion you can give small crumbs of fat-free ham if you are not using the Beef heart but again remove any that are not consumed within a few minutes.



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