Best Information About Guppy Fry ( Basic Tips & Guide )

Getting Ready for Your First Batch of Guppy Fry


Every guppy fry breeder forms their own habits and opinions when it comes to breeding and raising guppies. Some have many things in common while others have their own unique way of doing things.


You as a new breeder will have to develop your own techniques based on what you find works best for you. Most will agree, however, that you really should keep your pregnant guppies separate from your community tank.




In general, guppy fry a lot of breeders will use a 5 to 10-liter tank that they use specifically as the breeding tank. Some like to use an air-driven filter box using absorbing material that is comprised of ammonia and mixing this with some carbon filter materials or other filtering equipment.


All of these guppy fries are items that you can obtain from your local fish store.  You should also rely on the expertise of your favorite fish store to recommend the best products for your breeding tank. The temperature of the room that they are going to be kept in is important. If the room is below 24°C you may want to consider using a heater and you will also want to use some lighting.


One of the biggest mistakes that novice breeders make is putting their pregnant guppies in too small of space while she is pregnant rather than allowing her to swim around freely, and this can lead to some potential problems. Being cramped like this could cause her stress which could even lead to her death.




The other problem is that she could deliver too early which means that many of the fries could die or be very weak. So the priority here is to make sure that your breeding tank is large enough for your pregnant guppy to swim about in.


Make sure that you are going to have items in the tank that the newly born fry will be able to hide in. You can use live or plastic plants for this or even unraveled nylon rope that you put at the bottom of the tank that you can hold in place with a couple of ornamental rocks.


There are some breeders that are concerned that the guppies will deliver while they are away from home and that the mom will eat her fry. With them having plenty of hiding space to utilize this shouldn’t be a problem.


There are some breeders that do believe that the female will not consume her guppy fry because her hormones are suppressing her hunger for the first few hours after delivery. As soon as you have seen that the female has delivered you want to remove her and put her back to the community tank.


Now your focus is going to be on your new batch of fry and no doubt you are full of anticipation and really want to watch them grow. If this is your first batch this is going to be even more exciting for you. Don’t forget that the growth of the guppy fry is going to depend on a lot of factors.




It is going to depend on the temperature of the water that you are keeping them in. Plus, the food that you feed them and the number of feedings per day are all going to be factors that influence the growth of the fry.


A lot of breeders like to use micro worms and freshly hatched brine shrimp to feed the fry as quickly as possible to start encouraging their growth. Some guppy fry breeders are really strict as to how often they feed the fry and some will do so up to five or ten times a day in very small amounts.


This is fine if you have no other daily commitments like going out to work but many other breeders don’t feel that this intensity is really necessary.


Basically what you’re going to have to do is learn what works for you best and keep notes on how well your first guppy fry are doing and this will help to give you your guidelines as to your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to raising fry.


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