Havanese Dog (Origin, Temperament & Best Grooming Guide)


The Havanese Dog is a cute looking toy dog with a distinctive appearance.


These dogs have a tail that curls over their backs and the body is covered in long wispy, wavy, or curly hair. These dogs display an alert yet mischievous expression, and the face is framed by medium length, feathered ears.

The beautiful eyes of this breed are almond-shaped. The coat of the Havanese can come in a variety of colors, and some of these include silver, tan, gold, cream, black, blue, and bi- or tri-colored coats.

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Havanese Dog Temperament

The Havanese is a playful and entertaining dog that enjoys the company and likes to be active. This breed is very loyal to its owners, and is sociable, cheerful, and has a very amiable character. Very intelligent and responsive, the Havanese breed gets along well with children and with other pets, making for an ideal family pet. This dog likes to be affectionate and enjoys receiving fuss and attention. These dogs are also very eager little creatures, and very enthusiastic.

Havanese Dog Height & weight

The height of the Havanese usually reaches around eight to eleven inches. The Havanese usually weighs in at around seven to thirteen pounds.

Common health / behavioral problems

Several common health problems can commonly occur in this dog breed. Some of these include retinal problems, cataracts, knee problems, and dry skin. However, they are overall quite healthy dogs.

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Havanese Dog Trainability

The Havanese is a very intelligent and responsive breed, and with patience and understanding training should not prove a big problem. However, because of the small bladder of this breed house training can often take some time.

Ideal living conditions

The Havanese is a small, indoor toy dog, and is well suited to apartment living as well as to living in a house. This dog will be fine without a garden, and exercise can be provided in the form of walks and interactive play instead. It can tolerate warm climates quite well.

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Exercise requirements

The exercise needs of the Havanese are classed as below average, and these dogs will often amuse themselves just running around the home. However, if you have a yard or garden you can let your dog enjoy some daily playtime, or you can take him for a daily brisk walk. This breed does enjoy being active and will enjoy interactive play with his owners, as he also likes to spend time with people.

Diet & nutrition

You should provide your Havanese with a well-balanced diet, made up of high-quality dog food. Feeding should be in small quantities and regularly, and you should ensure that you carefully monitor portions to avoid overfeeding the dog. Always provide access to freshwater, as with all other dog breeds.

Life expectancy

With proper care, a fit and healthy Havanese can expect to live for around fourteen or fifteen years.

Grooming requirements

The coat of the Havanese dogs requires regular brushing to keep it in good condition, and for owners that do not intend to show their Havanese trimming the coat is one option to make grooming easier.

Havanese Dog Origin

The Havanese is a toy dog breed that originates from Cuba.

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