Lists is a new feature that we're really excited about. But it's a little experimental right now. Please be patient if you encounter problems. If you really want to help us, let us know how you get on. What worked, what didn't, how can it be improved? Send us your thoughts

What are lists?

Lists allow you to put together groups of recipients. Lists work just like an online shopping cart or an wish list. Once you begin making a list you can keep on adding as many recipients as you like to that list. You can use a list as a simple way of adding payments made to multiple recipients or you can save and publish your list for other people to see. Saving a list also means you can come back to it later.

You can make any kind of list you like. You could make a list of vessels owned by the same company, vessels targeting a particular fish stock, or vessels in your local area. We hope lists will be a way for people to make more sense of the data presented on the website. Here are the latest lists that have been made.

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