Maine Coon Cat Breed – All You Need To Know

Glad that you want to know more about Maine Coon Cat Breed || This concise Maine Coon cat breed guide will answer any questions you may have about the Maine Coon cat breed.

Facts About Maine Coon Cat Breed

What does a Maine Coon cat look like? What is the history of the Maine Coon cat and where does it come from? What kind of temperament does the Maine Coon cat have? Are Maine Coon cats good with children? Do Maine Coon cats have any special grooming needs? Where can I buy a healthy and happy Maine Coon kitten from a responsible Maine Coon Cat Breeder?


In addition to the wealth of Maine Coon cat breed information offered, Maine Coon Cat and Kitten Central also boast a directory of Maine Coon Cat Breed Clubs and Rescues, Maine Coon Cat Breed Information Resources, and our Cat Lover’s Bookstore – featuring a number of titles about Maine Coon cats.

Wondering what you should name your Maine Coon cat or kitten? We have also included a section featuring links to web sites where you can find a unique name for your new Maine Coon kitten or cat.

We hope that you find your visit to Maine Coon Cat and Kitten Central to be both educational and enjoyable! Best of luck in your quest to find the perfect Maine Coon kitten for your family.


Maine Coon Cat Characteristics:

Many people consider the Maine Coon to be the “perfect pet” with their unusual personalities, habits, and tricks – and eagerness to help with every activity in the house. Maine Coons never lose the urge to play their whole lives, and somehow manage to inch their way into the hearts and affections of everyone they meet, whether it be people or other animals.

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