Patterdale Terrier Dog (Temperament, Health, History & More)


Patterdale Terrier Dog Temperament

The Patterdale Terrier Dog has been bred as a hunting dog and has bull terrier bloodlines, and these can often be reflected in its personality.



This dog can be pretty laid back, but is also a very determined, tough, and independent breed, and is not an easy animal to train. This is a hard-bitten breed that should not be trusted around other non-canine animals or younger children. However, for the strong-willed, active dog lover with no other non-canine pets or young children, this could prove to be a good choice of dog.


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Patterdale Terrier Physical features

The coat of the Patterdale Terrier Dog is coarse and short, and on some dogs can be quite wiry and on others quite smooth. The coloring of the Patterdale Terrier coat can be red, brown, black, or black and tan. Dark, questioning eyes are set into a thickset, quite well-muscled face, and its v-shaped ears hang in folds at the side of its head. The body is well built and has solid legs, reflecting its bull terrier bloodline. The height of the Patterdale Terrier Dog is around 12 inches and the weight around 11-13 pounds.


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Is he right for you?

The Patterdale Terrier Dog is not the right choice for a non-dominant person, as you will need to stand your ground with this breed. This is also not the choice for those with young kids and other pets, nor for those living in apartments without the facility to provide regular exercise, of which this breed needs plenty.


Patterdale Terrier Dog Health Problems

There are no specific health problems that have been linked to this breed.


Patterdale Terrier Grooming requirements

The grooming requirements for the Patterdale Terrier are low. You can keep the coat in good condition with a weekly brushing. A wipe down with a damp cloth can help to keep the gloss on the coat of the smooth-haired dogs, and for others, an occasional bath should suffice.


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Patterdale Terrier History

The Patterdale Terrier is a breed that is hardly known outside of Great Britain, and the breed is usually found in the areas of Yorkshire and the Lake District. The Patterdale Terrier was common in Cumbria, and its name comes from a village that is located in Cumbria. This is a terrier that is bred for its working capabilities as a fox, rabbit, and rat hunter.




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