How To Choose Best Rabbit Name for Your Pet Rabbit


Once you have got a rabbit as your pet selecting a rabbit name for your pet rabbit is one of the first few things that would bother you. Naming any pet has got so many issues attached to it. You have to select a name that you love and that suits the pet. It becomes tougher when it comes to rabbit names as they are not so common like the dogs and the cats.



So you have to brainstorm yourself to think of a name that rightly suits your furry friend. Always remember that while choosing a name for your pet rabbit you have to make sure that it is easy to pronounce and adorable. You should think of the name in a way you think of the name of a new member of your family.


How To Chouse Rabbit Name?

Before you select the name for your rabbit you have to determine the gender of the rabbit and then start thinking about the name of the rabbit. There are so many sources from where you can get the ideas for your rabbit names. You can search the internet for new and innovative ideas for naming your pet rabbit.



You can also ask other family members and friends and your colleagues to think of rabbit names. Once you have all these names, write them and choose the best one that you like. To help you select the name of your pet rabbit here we are providing some interesting rabbit name ideas.


Name of cars can be a great idea to name your rabbit. Especially if you love cars then surely you would love to call your rabbit with the names like Audi, Porche, Impala, Ferrari and so on.


You can also name the rabbit with the names of the colors like verde, violet, indigo, rojo, ebony, magneta, crimson etc. These would be unusual names for the rabbits that are mostly white in color.


You can name your pet rabbit after the planets like Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and obviously not Saturn.


If you are obsessed with sports, naming your rabbit after your favorite team or player is also a good idea.



The most innovative of all these ideas is surely naming your pet rabbit after the name of the favorite rabbit characters from the films, fictions and other sources. Names like Bugs Bunny, Trix Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, Roger Rabbit, Energizer Bunny, Jessica Rabbit, are interesting and also will attract your children. They will simply love to have their favorite rabbit character at home.


These are just a few ideas for rabbit names and there are surely innumerable other ways to select a name for your rabbit. Whatever name you select for the rabbit, make sure it’s short, attractive and perfectly suits the appearance and nature of the rabbit. Also remember that naming a rabbit is just the first step of owning a rabbit, the biggest and the most challenging task is, of course, taking good care of the rabbit so that your pet is healthy and has proper growth.


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