Need To Buy New Red Eared Turtle? Read Some More 2020 Facts


Buying a Red Eared Turtle

The decision of owning a turtle as a pet in itself is a big decision. Moreover, when one chooses an exotic species as red eared turtle one needs to very cautious of some points which help to determine if the pet is in a healthy condition or not. It is not very difficult to determine if a pet is in pink of health or not and it will just cost you 20 minutes in undergoing the entire process.

  • The demeanor of red eared turtle shall be responsive, bright and alert. The first indicator of an unhealthy and weak pet is its lethargic temperament.
  • Have a strict glance at the physical condition of the turtle depicts. The look of the turtle should be fleshy rather than being emaciated.
  • The shell and skin of red eared turtle must be observed closely to determine that it is supple and free from scratches and bites. Sores and abrasions of the shell are also no positive indicators and moreover, have a look if the shell of the turtle is firm enough.
  • The place from which you are purchasing the slider shall be extremely hygienic so that the immunity of the red eared turtle is up to the mark.
  • The eyes of the turtle shall be sparkling, bright and they should also open wide and should also appear free from any sort of discharge or swellings.
  • The Respiratory illness in red eared sliders is indicated through undue mucous around the nostrils.
  • Yet another major indicator of a healthy red eared turtle is the inside of its mouth. When peeping within its mouth you’ll see healthy pink skin within with no sticky and smelly saliva. In case the turtle is not healthy you’ll surely notice a grayish pink, yellow, green or white-spotted skin.
  • Asymmetry, lumps or swelling in any portion of the head, jaws or any part of the body is a clear cut indicator of an unhealthy red eared slider turtle.

Apart from these, the other indicators to determine a healthy red eared slider turtle are that the walk of the turtle shall be strong and sturdy. Due importance should also be given when checking the respiratory system of the turtle, a widely gaped mouth of the turtle to breathe, bubbling sound at the time of turtle inhaling and exhaling is the indicator of a serious respiratory disease.


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