Siberian Rabbit (History, Characteristics & About ARBA)


Siberian Rabbit History

The Siberian was produced in 1930, and is a modern normal fur breed and not to be confused with the Himalayan pointed Angora once called the Siberian but now never seen. The breed was made to produce uniform skins which would be easy to match. The self-colored rabbits produced when breeding English formed a large part of the makeup of the Siberian, which became quite popular during the war, but now is less so.



The pelts are not a great deal sought after by the fur trade, for the colors are not entirely to their liking. The quality of the fur also requires much improvement for commercial value.


Siberian Rabbit is one of the different varieties of the domestic rabbit. It was created by means of selective breeding or natural selection. As rabbits are delicate creatures they are mostly bred for their fur. The Siberian breed was developed for its fur. They are notably different from other animals and mostly kept as pets.


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The Siberian Rabbit was first bred in the UK around 1930. Its ancestral origin is not confirmed and unclear. This breed remained a favorite among the rest of the rabbit varieties for a long time. Its fur attracted people across the world and the Siberian became extensively popular.


Most of the time, people confuse the Siberian rabbit with Himalayan pointed Angora. Similar to Siberian, the Angora rabbit is a variety of domestic rabbit. However, the Siberian breed evolved for a certain period as its skin made it famous. But nowadays it is not in much demand.


Characteristics of Siberian Rabbit:


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  • It is a graceful and attractive rabbit variety
  • Posses good quality coat
  • Appear in colors black, blue, brown or lilac
  • It weighs between 5-7lbs

Siberian rabbit breeds were famous during the world war but eventually, its popularity declined. As a result, its commercial value reduced and the species faced disappearance. Meanwhile, organizations like the American Rabbit Breeders Association have acknowledged such kind of rabbit breeds. These organizations have exhibited Siberian rabbits at different rabbit shows all over the world.


American Rabbit Breeders’ Association (ARBA):



The American Rabbit Breeders’ Association (ARBA) has a great contribution to retaining rabbit breeds. It exhibits a variety of rabbits and acts as a judge in most of the rabbit shows. Representatives of this organization and other organizations like the British Rabbit Council decide standards of rabbits. Siberian rabbit has been presented in most of the events to reveal its qualities and display fur.


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