Skye Terrier Dog Breed (Health, History, Temperament & Facts)



Skye Terrier Dog Info Sheet:
Trainability: Medium
Watchdog: Very high
Shedding: Medium
Grooming: Medium
Exercise Requirements: Medium
Good with Children: Yes
Activity Level: Medium
AKC Popularity: 146th of 155

Skye Terrier Dog Temperament


Skye Terrier

Affectionate, bold, and full of courage, the Skye Terrier is a very loyal and loving dog and is protective and alert as well as playful.



This breed can be wary around strangers, can be dog aggressive, and likes to chase other small animals, so this should be taken into account. The Skye Terrier enjoys being part of a family and should be fine around considerate children. This dog can be snappy and even bite at strangers that try to touch him, and therefore early socialization is recommended.

Skye Terrier Dog Physical features

skye terrier 1

The Skye Terrier Dog has an attractive and alert expression, added to by its dark eyes and its stand up ears. It has a strong muzzle, black nose, and a long, low body. The soft undercoat that covers its body is covered in a harsher, straight, six-inch outer coat. The ears of this dog are always black, and the coat colorings can be cream, dove, or grey-blue. The feet of the Skye Terrier is long and forward-pointing, resembling a hare. The height of the Skye Terrier is around 10 inches and the weight around 25 pounds.

Is he right for you?

The Skye Terrier is a dog that demands lots of attention and devotion from its owners in order to thrive, and this means that it is not the right choice of those unable to commit to a pet. If you want a fun, loving, family pet this could be the ideal one for you. This dog will be fine living in an apartment, but you should make sure that he has a regular exercise in a safe area.

Skye Terrier Health Problems


The Skye Terrier is known to be a healthy and hardy breed, and there are no major or serious health problems linked to this breed.

Skye Terrier Grooming requirements

The long straight coat of the Skye Terrier can easily matt, and therefore will require regular brushing. Other than regular brushing for the coat, the grooming requirements for the breed are not excessive.

Skye Terrier History

The Skye Terrier originates from Scotland, and is descended from a crossbreeding between Maltese dogs and local Scottish terriers that resulted from a shipwreck! Once a favorite with Queen Victoria which boosted its popularity the breed was first registered with the AKC in 1887.


In the AKC rankings list the Skye Terrier Dog came in at 146th of 155 in 2006, which was slightly lower than its ranking of 144th of 155 in 2005.

Dog group

The Skye Terrier Dog comes under the AKC Terrier Group.


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