Best About Swedish Vallhund Dog Physical Features & Facts


The affectionate, loving, and intelligent Swedish Vallhund dog is a great pet and companion, with an even temperament, a fun-loving disposition, and plenty of devotion.



This is a dog that will get along fine with considerate children, loves to play, is very active, and is a joy to be around. Their tendency to bark a lot makes them good watchdogs, but their herding roots mean that they will sometimes nip at people’s heels to try and herd them. The Swedish Vallhund dog can be dog aggressive as well as wary with strangers, but a properly socialized Swedish Vallhund dog will make a great family pet.




Swedish Vallhund Dog Physical features

The Swedish Vallhund Dog is a small, robust, and muscular looking animal, with a fox-like facial appearance, and a short, harsh outer coat covering a softer undercoat. The coloring of the Swedish Vallhund can be reddish-yellow, reddish-brown, grey-brown, or solid grey, and some may have a small number of white markings. The ears are erect, the muzzle long, and the eyes dark, giving this dog an intelligent and alert expression. The height of the Swedish Vallhund is between 12-16 inches, and the weight is between 25-35 pounds.


Is he right for you?

The Swedish Vallhund dog can be a little dog aggressive, and therefore if you already have another pet dog early socialization is essential. He will be fine around considerate children, making him the ideal pet for a family with older kids. This is an active breed and enjoys his play and exercise, so you will need to have the time and dedication to commit yourself to a pet. Although he will be okay living in an apartment that has no yard or garden, you should ensure that he still gets regular play and exercise in a safe and appropriate environment.




Swedish Vallhund Health Problems

This is a healthy breed, and there are no specific serious health problems that have been linked to the Swedish Vallhund.


Swedish Vallhund Grooming requirements

An average shedder, the Swedish Vallhund does not require much in the way of grooming. Use a firm bristle brush on his coat regularly in order to keep it in good condition, and he can be bathed when necessary, although not on a regular basis.


Swedish Vallhund History

There are a couple of theories relating to the origins of the Swedish Vallhund. Some think that it may have been brought to Britain by the Vikings, and others think that it may have descended from the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, which strongly resembles. An excellent ratter and herder, this dog has become a popular companion pet.


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