Types Of Water Turtles – Tamable Water Turtles (2020)


Taming a turtle is indeed an adventurous task to do and if the turtle is water based then it becomes even more challenging. There are certain species of water turtles which people find amusing to tame, let us have a glance at some of such species and their basic prerequisites when being tamed.


Types Of Water Turtles: Tamable Water Turtles


Mentioned below are some of the very popular species of water turtles which are easy and attractive to tame and most of the times the pet storekeeper is out of stock when it comes to these turtles.

  • Magnificent red eared sliders make amazing pets:


The red eared sliders are placid by temperament and usually make an easy going and hassle free pet. They blend well in captivity as well as in open ground. They are exceptionally calm and quiet and are not great attention seekers. Hardy by basic nature, this is one of the modest specie of water turtles. Their distinguishing feature is their brightly scarlet colored ears.

  • Painted water turtle is great as a pet option:


It is a breed of turtle which is exceptionally popular as pets in places like Canada, USA, Mexico, etc. This is the specie which is most appealing to the eyes due to its bright colors and attractive appearance. It is interactive specie of water turtle which is usually not very timid and passive. The only one requirement one needs to fulfill when taming this species is of providing it with a huge tank or pen to live in with non chlorinated water and some prescribed food.

  • African side necked turtle is the cutest of water turtles:


Having a pug nose and a god gifted inverted smile, the African side necked turtle can be called as the cutest of all tamable water turtle species. Another name for these turtles is African Mud Turtles. Most of the sub species of this turtle are prolific breeders and tend to be shy initially and later on gel with the environment. This is one of the most exotic breed of water turtle when it comes to taming.

  • Other tamable water turtle breeds not to skip:

Although the mentioned above breeds are the most tamable ones, but for sure one cannot skip some of the other breeds which also hold importance in the world of tamable water turtles. Snapping turtle, Fly River turtle, Argentine snake necked turtle, Pig nosed turtle, and Mata Mata Turtle are some of the species never to be ignored.


By the end of these topics, I am sure you must have decided upon a specie of water turtle which you are going to own in the near future. It will be an amazing experience believe me but for sure you’ll need to take care of some points such as to arranging for the hugest affordable pen/tank, cleanliness issues, proper dietary arrangements, etc. If you are through with all the above points believe me you’ll spend lots of the amazingly amazing years of your life with your turtle.


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