Best 15 Gallon Fish Tank: Aquarium Reviews and Setup Ideas

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fluval_flex_15Fluval Flex 15 Gallon Fish Tank Kit Check Price on Amazon
fluval_vistaFluval Vista 16 Gallon Aquarium KitCheck Price on Amazon
15-gallon-fish-tank-aqueon-deluxeAqueon 15 Gallon LED Aquarium KitCheck Price on Amazon
hexagonal_fish_tankMidwest Tropical 15 Gallon Hexagonal AquariumCheck Price on Amazon
15-gallon-biorb-fish-tankbiOrb CLASSIC 15 Aquarium with LED LightCheck Price on Amazon

15 Gallon Fish Tank Overview & Information


Keeping an aquarium is slowly taking up pace. Most of the people used to avoid buying a Fish Tank fearing the high maintenance and time to be given to the aquarium. But as technology has been increasing at a steady rate, now it is easier to maintain an aquarium thanks to the wide range of aquarium equipments available.


The heaters, filters, auto feeders, Co2 diffusers, and aerators have made Fish Tank maintenance almost negligible and mostly automated. In this article, we are going to talk about 15 gallon aquariums and its reviews.

Most of the people cannot afford to buy big tanks to house their fishes but rather prefer to have smaller and beautiful tanks like 5 Gallon Fish Tank. that cost the least to maintain. The most preferable size for a medium-sized home is 15 Gallon Fish Tank; this sized tank can be placed anywhere ranging from a bedside table to a guest room.

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Many people keep their tanks in their living room or guest room as it adds beauty to the room. It is advised that you buy a tank light and filter to keep yourself from cleaning the tank frequently. We also recommend buying fish tank decorations like stones and artificial plants for added beauty to your tank.

A newcomer in the aquarium hobby should not intervene directly into the planted tanks as it is more complex and requires much skill and knowledge. A newbie in this hobby is recommended to stick to basic sturdy and smaller fishes in order to avoid fish’s deaths.

Fluval Flex 15 Gallon LED Fish Tank

– The water storing capacity of this tank is 56.7 liters.
– The width of the tank is 16 inches, the depth of the tank is 15 inches and the height of the tank is 15 inches.
– This 15 Gallon tank is equipped with a powerful led light of 7500K.
– The system of filtration is back panel-based powered by a pump.
– The filter media used is a foam based filter that comes with a handle along with bio max activated charcoal or carbon.
– It comes with remote control for the led lights and also a transformer.

Fluval Flex 15 Gallon LED Fish Tank

Fluval Vista 16 Gallon LED Aquarium

– The total water carrying capacity of the tank is 15-16 gallons.
– Width is 24 in, depth is 12 in and height is 15.5 in.
– Powered by a led light of 8000K with two colors.
– Comes equipped with an aqua clear filter.
In case of cold, it has a powerful 100W heater
– Fishnet, thermometer, fish food etc comes with this 15-gallon tank.

Fluval Vista 16 Gallon LED Aquarium

Aqueon 15 Gallon LED Aquarium

– The tank is made up of glass and is sealed with silicone.
– The width is 21.5 in, the depth is 14.5 in and the height is 19.5 inches.
– It comes with a power filter by Quiet flow company,
– It comes with a powerful LED lighting system.
– It is equipped with a 50 W water heater along with a thermometer.
– It is equipped with a thermometer, fish food, and fishnet along with water conditioners.

Aqueon 15 Gallon LED Aquarium

Midwest Hexagonal Aquarium

– It is a 15-gallon tank for small and newbie hobbyists.
– It doesn’t have any accessories like the heater, filter and also the LED light.

Midwest Hexagonal Aquarium

biOrb CLASSIC 60 Aquarium

– The total amount of water that a tank can store is 16 gal.
– The colors in which the product is available are black and silver.
– It is equipped with LED lighting.
– It comes with an air pump and alongside ceramic and activated carbon as filter media.
– It comes with 12V transformer, water conditioner for balancing chemicals and air stones.

biOrb CLASSIC 60 Aquarium

Fluval Flex LED Aquarium Kit


This is one of the best 15 Gallon Tank in the market. This tank has a very well built crystal clear glass with great finish that makes it looks very stunning. This model has a panel of glass that is curved which offers great viewing angles for the buyer.

It has a glass that magnifies the interior and makes the decorations and the fishes look bigger and beautiful. There is a sturdy and durable grid type pattern on the upper top of the tank which makes this unit look good and contributes to the overall beauty of the house.

This fish tank by Fluval Flex Company comes equipped with a bright LED lamp that allows the aquarist to get a better view of the fishes even at the time of night. For people who are professional or a pro in this hobby, you can also use this light for the growth of plants and for growth and development of colors and patterns in the fish.

The light provided is a multi-color RGB light that allows the user to control it using a wireless remote control and change colors with different light effects. The system of filtration in this 15-gallon tank is fixed at the back of the tank.

The filter provided with this tank has three compartments. One of the compartments can be used for keeping the desired water pump and the other can be used for keeping the filter pads that catch dirt generated by the fish.

The filter works by pulling the water and this pulled water is passed through the filter media and then the filtered water is passed back into the tank. This process has taken on until you stop the power of the filter or pump.

Fluval Vista 16 Gallon Aquarium Kit


This aquarium is unique in its own way and is very different from the common rectangular fish tanks thanks to it’s well made panoramic built. The glass of this aquarium by Fluval Vista is molded and curved that gives a refreshing look without any cuts that occur when we buy cheap rectangular tanks. Thanks to this curved glass it gives the viewer great viewing angles that are not possible rather in the traditional rectangular form.

The top of this tank is very well made and allows the user to close and open it without any effort whenever he/she wants to do full maintenance for the tank. The top of the tank is designed to hold a filter and a heater too. The top of the tank also has a movable cut out that allows the user to open and close it whenever he wants to feed the fishes.

Even though the aquarium can store up to 16 gallons of water it is recommended that you fill it up to 15-gallons so as to reduce the water spills.

This Fluval vista comes with an LED light that has a very good slow starting feature that turns on the light with minimum brightness to avoid sudden shock to the fish and keeps on increasing till it reaches the desired user value.

This light can be changed into two colors namely the blue and the white which can be changed or controlled with the buttons provided on the top or hood of the tank.

This Aquarium Tank has a hang on the filter by a very reputable company called aqua clear. The filter has 30 clips and has an enormous amount of power which makes it the best powerful filter available in the market right now. The filter can house a good number of activated carbon and ceramic rings for the best possible filtration.

The Fish Tank filter cleans the water a rate of 150 gals per sixty minutes or 1h and best suitable for aquariums having a water capacity of up to 30 gals. the speed at which the water from the filter flows can be controlled easily by the adjustable knob provided on the upper part of the filter.

This protects your fish from the stress that happens due to the high flow of water. This aquarium comes with basic things such as a heater, fish food, water conditioner or anti-chlorine, tank good bacteria growth promoter also known as BCE (Bio Cycle Enhancer). A detailed instruction manual is provided in case you want to be good at fish keeping.

Aqueon LED Aquarium Kit 


This is a bow front type Aquarium Tank; this tank is very well known for its crystal clear viewing angles that it provides to the buyer. The glass of the curved and makes the fishes and plants inside look bigger. It comes with plastic made top that has low power and energy-saving LED light. This LED cannot be used to grow plants but these are just made to see if your fish are visible or not.

It comes with a power filter by Quiet Flow Company that is very much powerful as compared to other competitors. The filter does not make any kind of noise while working and makes use of a filter cartridge.

The led indicator provided can be very helpful for knowing the level of water in the tank and also which one of the filtration cartridges is blocked by dirt and should be changed immediately. It also comes with a detailed guide for setting up your tank.

Midwest Tropical Hexagonal Aquarium


If you feel scared of accidentally breaking glass aquariums because of the fragility then buying an acrylic tank is good for you. The hexagonal shape of this 15-gallon tank allows a user to have a full 360-degree view.

If you want to buy an aquarium based on acrylic sheets then this is the best can go without having a second thought thanks to its amazing build quality.

This tank does not have any of the accessories included you will have to buy the filters and heaters separately. It doesn’t come with a light but the hood or top has enough space to house an LED light.

biOrb CLASSIC 60 – 16 Gallon Aquarium with LED Light (15-16 gals)


This is a desk type 16 gallon fish tank that is very portable and can be carried anywhere. It is protected by a colored acrylic which enhances the beauty of the products. The tank is very compact and does not occupy too much space.

The biOrb 16 gallons is equipped with a powerful aerator that constantly allows the flow of the air into the water. The water then passes through the filter media which catches up all the dirt generated by the fishes.

The water is circulated and keeps the fishes in the fish tank healthy and active. By connecting the filter box to the top or hood you can get the process of cleaning started.

15 Gallon Aquarium Setup: Freshwater Aquarium Setup for Beginners

The first and foremost step is to clean the equipment with Luke warm water and if you are buying a used tank clean the tank using vinegar we advise you to buy newer tanks as removing the salt built up is a very tedious task.

An aquarist should also buy a water tester and test the water for harmful chemicals like chlorine, urea, and nitrides.

If the quantity of these chemicals is greater than the prescribed value for safely keeping the aquarium fish then you should buy water conditioner.

If only chlorine is in your water then use a chlorine remover compulsorily. Chlorine is called as a fish killer so make sure you remove it.

Buy fishes that look healthy and colorful and make sure that you buy it from a good well-known place and stick to buying smaller fishes like mollies, guppies, platies, etc which are very good beginner fish.

Buy a good quality food and feed them twice a day with a minimal amount and avoid overfeeding.

Perform a water change partially up to 40 percent every 15 days in order to keep the fishes healthy and also feed the fishes with live food once every week.

Wash your fish tank decorations and equipment and place them in your tank then add water slowly without splashing with a water hose or keep a plate and pour water on it as it decreases the water pressure and helps to avoid clouding of water.

After filling the tank with water then wait for it to get settled.

As soon as the water is settled, turn on the heater and filter along with all other equipment without adding the fish.

By avoiding to add the fish at the start you are promoting good helpful bacteria to grow.

It is recommended that you add the fish at least waiting for 4-5 days. If you do this process then the possibility of dying in your tank decreases considerably.

By following the above tips you can successfully maintain a beautiful looking aquarium. The most selling aquarium tank size is 15-gallons this is the best for any beginner starting an aquarium.

After reading the above information if you have made up the mind to buy an15 gallon tank then please read the below article as these tanks come in different sizes like rectangle, square etc and we will help you decide to buy the best aquarium tank.

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What Others Ask About the 15 Gallon Tank:

How many fish in a 15-gallon fish tank?

How many fish can be in a 15-gallon tank? You should keep 1 small fish per gallon; that means 15 small-sized fishes in 15-gallon fish tank. Here small fish means tetra sized fishes, so they should not take 1 inch per gallon.

How many fish you should keep in a 15-gallon fish tank?

If you are new to keeping fish and you are looking for a starter tank, a 15-gallon tank is a great size, to begin with. The general rule of thumb is one inch of fish per gallon. And keep in mind that you are not buying adult fish at the LFS. You do have to take into consideration the size your fish will be in adulthood.

How big is a 15-gallon fish tank?

A standard 15-gallon fish tank is 24 1/4 x 12 1/2 x 12 ¾ inches
Empty weight – 21 LBS
Full – 170 LBS

What kind of fish can I put in a 15-gallon tank?

Below are the few types of fishes you can keep in 15-gallon aquarium-
1. Celestial Pearl Danios
2. Golden Dwarf Barbs
3. Neon Tetras
4. Pygmy Corydoras
5. Guppies (Poecilia reticulata)
6. Betta Fish
7. Dwarf Gourami



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