Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews (Setup, Fishes & Maintenance Guide)


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People most commonly buy a 10 gallon fish tank as it makes household person to take care with ease and in budget purchase. If they are the beginners then it becomes easier for them to comprehend the fish keeping. Being purchased by the beginners in Large they are also known as beginner’s tank as they are affordable and come with selective equipment which you might need to run your aquarium. This easy to understand guide will help you out to know everything from what to how questions about 10 gallon aquarium.


10 Gallon Fish Tank: Everything You Need To Know

The market is packed with varies some and dimensions for giving you the best size of your desired tank for fish keepers. But as you are the beginners I suggest to purchase 10 gallon fish tank which is small in size of about 20” x 10” x 12”. As decorations and fish are added up to the tank their number would increase further. There are two types of tanks available one with glass and other of acrylic. Without spending bulk amount on tanks beginners can try their hand over fish keeping as their prices are kept minimum for small sizes. Make sure while buying that low water capacity can make it difficult to manage its water quality in further time. Also these small tank need to be under observation as they get dirty fast and need to be cleaned on regular basis.

The Best 10 Gallon Fish Tanks

Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Aquarium (Budget 10 Gallon Tank)

10-gallon Aquarium Starter Kit

A complete kit of 10 gallon fish tank is all what a keeper need and this could provide you the whole instruments that you might need. It consists a low profile hood, internal tetra filter and LED lights to give them natural light for their convenience. It also gives a tetra guide booklet in which you may find advises for your best results.

Pros Cons
👍 Stylish Slim hood. 👎 Lighting is very bright, that it sometimes hurt the eyes.
👍 Cold water tank compatible. 👎 You have to remove the Lid to clean the tank.
👍 High quality powerful heater.  
👍 Durable tank.  

Penn Plax Curved Corner Aquarium (Premium Kit)

Best In Class Aquarium Kit

Taking into consideration the modern standard of living this 10 gallon fish tank kit is designed accordingly. You can view from every angle of this 10 gallon aquarium very clearly. Using the best quality standard glass this kit is made. Its longevity and durability is taken into consideration while making. This kit has LED light, hinged plastic and Cascade internal filter. Led lights are the best. Transparent glass makes way to see everything with no trouble. It measures 12.5 x 11.5 x 17.75 inches and large fishes could be included.

Pros Cons
👍 Amazing design with premium built. 👎 No switch control for lights.
👍 It’s bottom is mat based, so no more scratches. 👎 You have to open the lid to operate the light.
👍 Twin chamber filter.  

Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Aquarium (Durable)

This 10 gallon fish tank is designed for both the expert users and the beginners is this model structured. This 10 gallon fish tank is useful for people who want to tap in their equipment and a setup from beginning. If you’re the expert in fish keeping then making use of filter and heater in this would be too easy for you. You wouldn’t have any problem arising as it is made with solid structure and no leaking problem could be faced.

Pros Cons
👍 Solid Tank with durable material. 👎 Hood does not comes with the tank, you need to find a separate hood for this.
👍 Customization ready tank, so you can add your own items.  
👍 Budget tank.  
👍 You can also keep reptiles along with your fish.  

All Glass Aquarium (Our Pick)

If you’re looking for best 10 gallon fish tank then you have landed to the right place. It is qualified tank where you will find tanks of your desired sizes. It is customized tank so set up could be done as per your choice.  It has sturdy glass and eco hood.

Pros Cons
👍 Decent seals and impressive aquarium. 👎 You have to buy new equipment’s for this tank.
👍 Worth buy with this price. 👎 Packing quality is not satisfactory.
👍 Good material is used in tank building.  

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10 Gallon Aquarium(Required Equipment)

To start your fish keeping the things that you need is all packed in this 10 gallon tanks. It has all other accessories that you will need to purchase. Your plans with what you want to have in your fish tank get that kit only. Here are some tools that you would need to make your tank set up.


To keep warm healthy and clean filter is must. If you have a 10 gallon Aquarium then it becomes more important to have filter as they create problem of nitrate concentrations to choke up water. There are different filters to build up. Small power filter would be preferable if you want your filter to its biological volume. See filter that suits your tank size.


Not many of the fish keepers ask for heater to be fitted in this fish tank it varies from person to person. If you want heater to be placed in your tank then surely you can go ahead to keep one. There are no much demand of heater so you won’t find many designs of heater in the market. Therefore, only limited stock of heater would be available. The larger the tank similarly there would be larger size of heater. I would suggest one thermometer to be kept in this aquarium if not given then buy one.


Decide on the prior basis which plants and fishes are you going to add in this fish tank. So that you come to know about the lighting intensity. There are some 10 gallon tanks which come along with lightings so will they be suitable for these fishes, question arises because not everyone fish prefer same intensity of lights they have different choices. Thereby, it becomes necessary to understand what are their likes and dislikes.

Best Fishes For 10 Gallon Fish Tank (Fish Keeping)

Being a small sized fish tank you can’t inculcate many fishes but if you keep your tank and fish in healthy condition there are chances of putting more fish in the tank.

There are many freshwater fishes which are well known and here are some listed down, they are as follows; Danios, Barbs, Tetras, Corydoras, Guppies and Ghost shrimp.

See to it that he fishes you inculcate in your fish tank doesn’t extend the growth level because these tank are small size and it doesn’t accommodate large fishes. So make a note of that. Also do not keep species that are aggressive as they can result in killing other mates that are peaceful and innocent. Behavior is necessary to notice before you put it in your tank. Add on the plants for the survival of fishes.  

Setup Ideas for 10 Gallon Tank

There are many interesting ways to set up your fish tank but it totally depends on your flavor what kind of set up would you prefer. Freshwater tanks can be designed in a way that you watch in your TV shows more decoration set up and kind of attractive pitch. Other than this there are plants to get into your fish tank that helps to process photosynthesis which could be bought from pet stores. When you get a saltwater fish tank they are very less in varieties. There you could see corals are kept in touch since they help many marines’ fishes to keep intact. They are expensive so you can replace these corals with some low budget coral like things for decoration. If you are looking for breeder fish tank than there should be no decorations kept as they may cause damage to the eggs in some or the other way through their rough structure. So for that you need to buy plain 10 gallon fish tank that has bottom with no decor.

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How To Buy Your 10 Gallon Aquarium


There are two qualities of 10 gallon fish tank provided in the market one with glass and the other is with acrylic. Glass tanks are much preferable than that of acrylic. They are more durable and long lasting and harder to make any marks on the glass. While acrylic fish tank you need to be careful while cleaning as no substrate should come in contact with the scrubber. Glad remains as perfect as the time it was brought clear crystal whereas acrylic changes its color to yellow slowing down its shine. Glass is much better than acrylic you see!

The difference that you could note is that acrylics are much less in weight than glass so it could be shifted easily. Also the 10 gallon fish tank stand are much stronger of this. Just because glass tanks are bought in huge numbers they are affordable than that of acrylic even after knowing that they are cheaper material to make and move. A glass 10 gallon aquarium costs 20-40 dollars as per the range it sets to the purchaser. As this tank is small in size the difference of acrylic and glass tank would be minimum may be about 5-10 dollars difference.

How to Setup A 10 Gallon Aquarium

Setting up the Aquarium

Clean it first rush it through water and then try to put it in your tank. Next go for decorations. Rinse your materials that you want to add up in your tank so that they create no dirt and then drop them in.  Treat the water with water conditioner so as to remove the chlorine from the tank. If you’re looking for marine tank then saltwater set up is required to be put on. This could be possible with sea salt and purified water brought through pet stores. Last thing to add up is the heater and thermometer. Though heater is optional for you if you want you can buy it. Now, the tank is physically set but not totally. The next step you need to go through is cycling.

Cycling the Tank (Nitrogen/Nitrite Concept)

Cycling is needed to make sure that the fish that you add in the tank are able to survive in healthy condition. It is based on nitrogen process. Basically there are two process wherein ammonia converts to nitrite and nitrite to nitrate. You will need a water test kit where it will check the level of compounds in your fish tank. Add 2-4 ppm of ammonia to the tank and then regularly 1 ppm. Around 2 weeks the nitrite will rise and slowly it will change it into nitrate giving better results and allowing to reach 0 ppm where you can add fishes.

Adding Your Favorite Fish

Now that you are ready to kick start your aquarium with fishy love make sure you add one by one intervals and not suddenly quick. Check the temperature before dropping the fishes. Place a thermometer for heater to check its level. Switch off the lights of your tank and drop the plastic of fish I’m the tank so that they get comfortable with the temperature for about 15 minutes. Keep on adding tank water in the bag after 1 hour on regular 15 minutes interval. Now that the fish is comfy enough lift the fish from the plastic bag to the water without dropping the bags water into the tank as it may contain some toxic wastes that the fish would have released. 

Maintaining a Fish Tank

Removal of algae from the Aquarium

Bigger tank are much easier to maintain because it takes time to build up pollutants whereas in small tanks it’s rapid. You need to change water per week so that it doesn’t build up dirt. It takes few minutes to clean up a small tank which is an edge over larger tanks that requires huge time. Use a small aquarium vacuum and throw out some water in bucket. As soon as it is done you can see 3 gallons of the tank emptied stopping for water flow. Now fill that bucket with water tap of 3 gallons seeing to it that water conditioner is made used to treat it up and then slowly lift it into the fish tank. Check the temperature it should be same as that of the tank. If you see fish of cold blooded see the temperature because changes in temperature may result in causing stress and mere disease. Make use of  equipment’s for doing all this procedure so that no other chemical comes in contact with this tank.

Cloudy Water

It could be a dandy time to test your ammonia levels at point where you start seeing this cloudiness. Basically it will take a few time to balance the aquarium as the cloudiness will be cleared up on its own in a few days.

Nevertheless, if you believe the bloom is due to factors such as excessive waste matter accumulation on the substrate or even a dead and decaying fish, you need to take action. All you need to do is perform a partial water change and get out your gravel vacuum.


In total see that is 10 gallon fish tank suitable for you plus within your budget? You will probably not get a tank of better size than this with affordable price. Also if you have just started to do this care then this would be a better way to start your step towards fish pet. You just need to maintain the tank and take care for the survival of the fishes. It is easy and convenient for the beginners. So when are you bringing in?


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How much does a it weigh?


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