Ocean Revive T247-B Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Reef Light Review

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Ocean Revive T247

Power Consumption: 120W Max
LED Type: 48pcs 3W High Power LEDs
Coverage Area: 1. Core coverage for any high lighting required SPS tank 26″x18″ and 2.
Channel One: 8x 470nm, 16x 450nm
Channel Two: 6x 420nm, 2x 520nm, 2x 660nm, 6x 10000K, 8x12000K
Input Current: AC85-264V
Operating Temperature: 90℉-110℉ (32.2℃-43.3℃)
Thermal Management: 2x 80mm dual bearing cooling fans
Product Dimensions: 16″ x 10.4″ x 1.6″ (40cm x 26cm x 4cm)
Product Weight: 5Lbs(2.27Kgs)
Controlled by: Built-in-Digital Timer
Mount: Horizontal-Retractable Brackets & Hanging Kits

Ocean Revive T247

Ocean Revive T247 – Quality Reef Aquarium Light That Won’t Cost You Much

Quality Aquarium LED Lights from Necrew, Current USA Orbit, Koval and ViparSpectra can not be everyone’s budget. But this aquarium LED light from Ocean Revive will give you quality on a budget price and moreover Ocean Revive T247 comes with 120W power consumption.


Ocean Revive T247 LED Light Feature


The Ocean Revive T247 is a full spectrum reef aquarium LED light, which comes with a decent quality remote controller and really durable battery.

There are variety of equipment are included with it, such as adjustable brackets (which can be easily be fit with variety of aquarium tanks) or you can use its hanging kit to hang it from any height.


This budget-friendly light comes with a slick and timer feature which makes it a really modern Aquarium LED Light. Ocean Drive T247 is thermally managed by 2x80mm cooling fans, which are mounted on the top of the unit.

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Fans usually don’t make any noise and they look blended with other parts or accessories of the light unit. This aquarium LED light is pretty low weight as compared to it’s competitors, so you can easily mount it on the top or ceilings.

T5 Hybrid Ready for Large Tanks


It’s a general belief that, Ocean Revives can’t be fit with large aquatic tanks such as T5 Hybrid fixtures, but on the contrary of this opinion Ocean Revive T247 can be mounted on their top easily.

Aquarium LED lights from Ocean Revive can easily be adjusted with any aquarium mounting system without the need of separate equipment or adapters for a decent look. Remember to use it with at least 23 inches wide tanks (If you are using Ocean Revive with the large tanks or T5 Hybrid fixtures).

Ocean Revive Arctic T247B Includes:

– 1 x Arctic-T247-B
– 1 x Remote Controller with Battery
– 1 x Power Cord
– 1 x User’s Manual
– 2 x Adjustable Hanging Kits
– 4 x Brackets



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