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As against the Finnex Planted Plus 24/7 fully automated model, the upgraded version which is being marketed in the name of Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED has a lot of improvements and mind-blowing features to offer. If in case you would like to have healthy grown aquatic plants with excellent quality, then it is the right choice for you.

Normal fish tank LED lights seems to have only simple on/off modes and their roles end absolutely then and there. But this enhanced version from Finnex 24/7 CC series has numerous surprises in store for its users.

For freehand control, there is a smart timer attached, customized colors of the finnex planted plus 24/7 LED lights facilitate breathtaking views of the aquarium and the best of all is its ability to grow almost all types of aquatic plants via its high output LED lamp.

Through this review, we intend to guide you to get the right understanding of the varied arrays of uses of this Finnex Planted+ 24/7 and the different methods to use it.

Finnex Planted+ 24/7 Benefits the Aquariums High Growing Green Life


This model of LED light from the Finnex 24/7 CC series is exquisitely designed to look after and extend its light and warmth to most types of aquatic vegetation. The finnex planted plus 24/7 bulbs fitted here to have about 7000K capacity of day time light to offer which reflects how thoughtfully this device has been engineered. This day time light acts as the ultimate natural source of energy – the Sun which is highly crucial for photosynthesis to happen.

These high quality LED bulbs which play a pivotal role in the development of plant life in the fish tank has about 40,000 hours of lifetime. Assuming that the bulbs are operated all through day and night i.e., 24 hours, the aquarium LED lights would still last for about four and a half years and might be even more than that.

Scientifically, the red light which lies in the wavelength range of 660nm of the visible region of the spectrum of light is considered to be one of the most suited wavelengths for photosynthesis to happen. This paramount factor which has also been proven experimentally is put to use in the Finnex Planted Plus 24/7 LED lights.

These lights, which as we already discussed boosts the rate of photosynthesis in plants through its technical specialties and one such thing is it potential to dispense the light in the red wavelength region. This Finnex LED also has a wide light spread region of 120 degrees, making every nook and corner bloom full of life and greenery.

Reviewing the PAR output of the light, it is clearly notable that up to 18 inches of depth of water, the PAR value stands to be above fifty which is more than what is required to ensure highly positive rates of photosynthesis.

Freehand Control of the Finnex Planted Plus 24/7 Lights and Ambiance Settings in the Fish Tank


Reverting back to photosynthesis, the aquatic plants require only about 8-10 hours of lighting per day to ensure a promising photosynthetic quotient. However, with the amount of intensity and PAR value that the Finnex lights offer, it could turn to be detrimental to the whole of aquatic life.

Hence it is necessary to keep check of time for which the finnex planted+ 24/7 lights would be on in the tank to ensure proper health and increased lifetime of your aquatic livestock.

But what is the point of having an upgraded version when you have to remember to turn off the finnex planted+ 24/7 manually from time to time? Finnex 24/7, of course, thought about the perception of this idea from the user point of view – a striking feature of the Finnex Franchise.

So yes, you don’t have to put yourself to work as the finnex planted plus 24/7 is built-in with a controller which makes sure that everything that goes about in the aquarium is fully automated assuring maximum user assuages.

Considering innovation as a competitive advantage, Finnex 24/7 also makes use of this opportunity to create outdoor like conditions by replicating the natural sunrise and sunset ambiance in the aquarium using the finnex planted plus 24/7 and the automated controller.

Just like how we would cool lit dawn, the Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED lights recreate this exact aura into the fish tank. This dawn then slowly transitions in to a warm sunrise morning, with bright yellow and orange shades lighting up the entire tank, giving us a pleasant heavenly feel which is surely a great delight to polish our moods right in the morning.

As time passes, the intense blazing sun effects come into play in the tank and this is when the photosynthetic process is at its maximum rate. When it’s time for the sun to set back into the sea, a whole lot of water along with its life is colored in bright crimson to reflect the evening sky.

Finally, to end the day, a beautiful starry night is lit up inside the fish tank with cozy colors of blue and purple. The next day at sunset, the cycle starts repeating again in real-time. This is in direct ascendancy of the built-in controller which ultimately eliminates the need of examining the fixture on a day to day basis.

Program the Finnex 24/7 LED Features in the Easiest Way Possible


On the remote control, there are two 24/7 buttons of different colors. These cannot be modified during later stages. On the other hand, the button in blue facilitates user customization of the aquarium lighting cycle.

In comparison with the older finnex planted+ 24/7 fully automated aquarium LED which doesn’t have provisions for the user to format his aquarium to his liking, this model of 24/7 V2 LED lightings can be proved to be a superior version in the same class.

Since both the versions of Finnex LED 24/7 lightings approximately lie in the same price range, there is absolutely no necessity to buy the older one, hence out dating it completely.

Thanks to the properly labeled buttons, programming the 24/7 color cycle is simple and very straightforward.

-To engage the 24/7 mode, you would have to press the white 24/7 button.

-To adjust the time to the contemporary conditions, the time button would have to be set accordingly

-The white 24/7 button would have to be pressed again in order to confirm the settings. At the end of this process, the fixture will automatically switch to the light settings matching the time at the settings are made

The memory functions of this aquarium LED device deserves great appreciations because once the timings are set, it gets stored in permanently. Even though you change to other modes and then come back to the 24/7 mode after a while, the timings remain perfect.

Now, the blue button option is a little more interesting as the color controls are totally in the hands of the owner. The following ways explain the right way to make the most out of the blue 24/7 button.

-To initiate the process, the blue 24/7 button has to be pressed

-A time frame must be chosen. This time frame must be in accordance with the color of the light you prefer for that particular interval.

-To achieve the color desired, the user can make use of the color pad option of the device

-The save button is the one containing the red down arrow at the right of the blue 24/7 button. This button must be held down for a few seconds to save changes to the customizations made. If in case there is a necessity to re-format the changes at any point of time, steps 2 to 4 can be followed again

-To adjust the time to the contemporary conditions, the time button would have to be set accordingly

-The blue 24/7 button would have to pressed again in order to confirm the settings. At the end of this process, the fixture will automatically switch to the light settings matching the time at the settings are made.

Preset Aquarium Lighting and Weather Modes of Finnex Planted Plus 24/7

As already discussed, the Finnex Planted+ 24/7 V2 LEDs have red light radiations to incorporate faster and more positive results of photosynthesis. But apart from red radiations, this LED can also offer blue and green light as well which adds up to the amazing show the aquarium puts all throughout the day.

It is just a simple but very delighting treat to sore eyes. The Finnex lighting also comes with some preset modes that are ready to use if in case the user is not in the mood for the default 24/7 preset mode.

Things start to get more exciting because not only can the user influence dawn to dusk settings but also bring in weather changes.

The Finnex Lights are equipped with an IR remote which provides the user with the power to induce various lighting and closely replicated weather effects like raging thunderstorms, bright sunny days, dull cloudy days and also romantic moonlight effects.

Controlling these aquarium lights and weather modes is as easy as falling off a log. The buttons on the remote control are labeled to the T, thus making sure that the users are not subjected to even the tiniest of inconveniences.

The buttons that correspond to the weather changes are named as cloudy, sunny, thunder, and the moon according to their respective functions. Hence, weather changes in the tank would also become very common as is the condition of our very own Earth.

Your mood swings could be directly reflected onto the tank. Bad moods could have the thunderstorm in action while romantic moods could bring upon the moon. Happy and cheerfulness could be brought upon by the sunny side option and sober, sad moods could be reflected by the rainy weather settings.

One crucial thing that the users must and should have in their mind is that the white 24/7 mode would totally disable the weather modes, custom color buttons, and the memory slot buttons. Thereby, if you wish to use the above mentioned exotic facilities, make sure the white mode is pressed off.

Create and Save Your Very Own Made Modes of Ambiance in the Aquarium – Memory Buttons of Finnex Planted+ 24/7


The thunder, the rain, the sun, and the moon – all are replications of real-world models. Users are still entitled to customize stuff from the present options, but is there space for more formatting? Could there be any more surprises?

Being the finest model that the Finnex has ever produced, this finnex planted+ 24/7 setting offer more than what people anticipate. Memory buttons – the last bit of the exclamation factor which facilitates the users to be able to create their own lighting effects.

This feature can be used immediately or saved on for later use. Here again, the extraordinary memory storage capabilities of the device are showcased. There are four memory buttons M1, M2, M3, M4 on the remote control that enable you to perform the necessary action.

These memory slots startle us with their outstanding abilities like being able to record and save numerous color combinations and light intensities. But again, there is a checkmate. These utilities fulfill their prime objectives if an only if the white button enabled 24/7 model is not in operation.

The controller we talked about earlier allows the users to implement fully custom made light effects. Yet another option that adds to the attractive look of the aquarium is the dim option.

Each of the four-color channels viz blue, green, red and white can be dimmed separately until the user exactly achieves what he has in his mind. The memory buttons can be pressed to save the formatted aquarium lighting color. Finally, to access what you have so made with so much thought and precision, memory buttons can be pressed again to obtain the last saved color.

The Fixtures and Mounting Legs of Finnex Planted+ Aquarium Light


This metal exhibits its magic through its thermal insulation properties like ample cooling and superior heat dissipation. Its durability is kept into account by the usage of the water-resistant splash guard. Ranging from 20 to 48 inches, the fixtures are offered in various sizes and the user can choose the one that suits his specifications.

For Further Reading:

With its unique leg fixture, very minimal time is consumed on mounting the Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED light fittings into your aquarium. The leg is designed to be able to slide inwards hence making the installations smooth and flexible to all sizes of fixtures offered and also sump setups.


The Finnex Planted Plus 24/7 is definitely an all in one aquarium LED in the contemporary market. It makes you aquarium into something that is way more than an aquarium.
From being able to accustom to the time changes to being able to accommodate different climates and moods, this Finnex aquarium light setting offers way more than anything the users expect.
It brings a sensation of light to the aquarium, its presence in the market is definitely marked by a shiny bright spot. Apart from being just a mere show caster, the Finnex planted+ 24/7 also provide the necessary radiations and intensity for proper plant growth.


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