Best LED Aquarium Light Buying Guide-For Fish Tank & (Reviews 2020)

Product TypeProduct NameCheck Price
Nicrew_Aquarium_Led_lightNicrew LED Aquarium LightCheck Price on Amazon
deckey_aquarium_lightDeckey Aquarium LightCheck Price on Amazon
Led_plus_light_by_current_USA_satelliteCurrent USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus LightCheck Price on Amazon
Finnex_planted_full_automatic_led_light_for_aquarium_with_the_controllerFinnex Planted+ 24/7 Aquarium LED LightCheck Price on Amazon
Finnex_FugeRay_led_lights_for_planted_aquariumFinnex FugeRay LED LightsCheck Price on Amazon
beamswork_da_fspecBeamsWork DA FSPEC LED Aquarium Light Check Price on Amazon
current_usa_orbit_marine_aquarium_led_lightCurrent USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED LightCheck Price on Amazon

Aquarium light is an important part of the tank. A good aquarium led light facilitates viewing and also provides plants the alternate sunlight in order to grow in artificially lighting conditions.


Whenever you plan on buying fish tank led lights, it is very important to consider the size of your tank in order to avoid having lesser light or sometimes overexposed lighting.

The type of led lights that you consider to install in your aquarium also depends on the type of aquarium you own ranging from the commonly found traditional to saltwater tanks with plants and reefs.

This opens up a wide range of possibilities and also a lot of confusion for buyers. If a wrong type of led aquarium light is bought by you then it’s a nightmare. In order to avoid all those bad outcomes, we have compiled a list of led lights for aquarium according to their prescribed tank sizes and tank types.

Nicrew LED Light for Aquarium

– The colors of the led are in white and blue colors.
– The modes of lightning that are provided are while for use in daylight and blue to be used in the night time.
– This nicrew led aquarium light can be used for both the saltwater and freshwater fish tanks.
– Tanks ranging from 11-19,20-27,28-36 etc can be used with this aquarium led lighting, for every tank size there is an led light you just need to which size light to get for.
– It is equipped with metal bracelets that can easily be fixed in your aquarium.
– This product comes with one LED light, one adapter, user manual and also 2 extendible bracelets.

Nicrew LED Aquarium Light

Deckey LED Aquarium Light

– Color of led is white and blue.
– Comes with both daylight and nightlight options.
– Can be used for both freshwater and saltwater tanks and also very good in promoting plant growth.
– Sizes supported 28-36″, 37-45″.
– It also comes with extended bracelets.

Deckey Aquarium  LED Light

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Light

– The rating of the RGB led is 6500 K.
– It comes with 6 different colors along with user-customizable color patterns.
– It comes with an included wireless remote.
– This aquarium lighting can be used with freshwater, planted tanks, goldfishes, and cichlids tanks.
– This aquarium led has an adjustable docking mount for perfectly fitting the lights.

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Light

Finnex Planted+ 24/7

– It comes with a high power 7000 K led light for faster growth and coloring of plants.
– It has different aquarium lighting modes like 24/7 automated lighting and also user-customizable lights.
– It can be used for aquariums requiring low to the high intensity of lightning.
– It is designed to fit perfectly to your aquarium.
– The sizes that can fit this led light are 22”,24”,30”,36” and 48” variants.

Finnex Planted+ 24/7

Know More About Finnex Planted 24/7

Finnex Fugeray LED Aquarium Light

– The Finnex led has a high intensity of the output of around 7000 K that is mainly provided by the white LED for the purpose of faster growth of plants and the blue color led for the promotion of look of the aquarium at night.
– It comes with two lightning modes namely the daylight and the moonlight.
– The sizes in which it is mainly available in 12”,16”,20”,30”,24”,36”,48”.
– It is made of high-quality materials and comes with very superior heat dissipation.
– The expected life expectancy of this product is 40000 hours or more.

Finnex Fugeray LED Light

Beamswork DA FSPEC LED Aquarium Light

– The power of the led lights is 100000 Kelvin with red, green and actinic with color wavelength ranging from 460nm to 620nm.
– This tank can be used for aquarium tanks that house only fishes to up to low density planted tank.
– The led light can be fixed on aquarium tanks whose size ranges from 20”,24”,30”,36”,48”.
– It comes with extended brackets.

Beamswork DA FSPEC LED Aquarium Light

Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light:

– This comes with a dual light system.
– It also comes with wireless remote control.
– It has different lightning customization settings.
– It can be dimmed from 0-100%.
– It can work in both day and night thanks to the different modes allowed.

Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light:

NICREW LED Aquarium Light

In order to have beautiful lightning setup for an aquarium, a buyer does not have to spend a huge amount of money thanks to Nicrew led aquarium light.

This led light is not an expensive one but provides performance as good as the expensive ones, this led aquarium light is a very cheap led light seeing the comparative market and can fulfill the basic requirement of led lighting for an aquarium tank.

This aquarium led light can be used with both saltwater and freshwater fish tanks. It features a switch that can be used to set the led light brightness with respect to the time, the options that can be selected are the morning light, sleep light, and an off button.

This led light is not RGB type and features two colors namely the blue and the white. The white led lights get turned on during the day time while the blue ones turn on at the time of night by selecting night mode.

It comes in different types of sizes and a user can buy it based on the size of his aquarium. This aquarium lighting also comes equipped with adjustable metal brackets which can be extended to fit the size of a particular size.

It is recommended that a buyer should read the instruction manual carefully and then install the light by following all the necessary conditions. This is a great light to start having an aquarium and it’s the nest for newbies to the aquarium hobby.

Deckey LED Aquarium Light Blue and White Color Changing Frame Fish Lamp

This is also a cheap Led light that can be used with either of the freshwater or the saltwater aquarium tank. This light is very powerful that allows the plants in the aquarium to grow faster. This led aquarium light is often referred to as a starter kit and can support few plants.

This fish tank light also comes with the basic blue and white lights along with a respective day and night modes. This model has a switch that allows you to change modes. The three options that it supports are a day, night and off.

This Decky aquarium light is equipped with extended a bracelet that allows you to fix this led lights irrespective of the size of tanks. It is to be made clear that this light is not waterproof and hence cannot be submerged in water.

Have A Look At 36 inch LED Lights

The aquarium led lights should be attached to the top of the tank and have to see that it is protected from getting in contact with water. If you are planning to buy a light and have plants to take care then this led light is the cheap and reliable choice one should consider while buying.

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for Aquarium


The Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED is very versatile and durable equipment for the freshwater tanks. It comes equipped with white and customizable RGB led’s with the range of white light being 6500 K.

This aquarium light comes equipped with a remote that allows you to change up to 32 colors with full control. The remote has 6 inbuilt color options along with 12 dynamic effects that look very cool. This remote also has buttons to control the intensity of the led lights along with various other functionalities.

The preset colors are very well designed and can be readily used after the installation of the light in the tank. There are different color options for different fishes we recommend you to read the color guide for detailed instructions. It can also save used made color pattern and play it whenever required. This aquarium led light is also a good choice for planted tank lighting.

Finnex Planted Plus 24/7 Fully Automated Aquarium LED With Controller


If you have a tank that has a lot of plants of different species then you must be needing a powerful yet durable led light then look no further you have the Finnex Planted Plus along with a remote that can stay on 24 hours a day for a whole week nonstop and automatically changes colors of the tank based on different times of the day.

Finnex aquarium light starts at the start of the day with a cool blue colored light, as soon as there is sunlight it changes its color to yellow followed by the changing of color to dark color at noon to changing to a red color by the evening then to a night blue color by the night.

This Finnex light can be used 24/7 after you set it with your time according to your time zone. This led light is very bright and can be used for growing different types of aquatic plants thanks to its very bright and powerful 7000 k white led light.

Finnex FugeRay LED Lights For Planted Aquarium


As the previously led light we discussed this Finnex FugeRay is also used for the same purpose that is for planted tanks. This aquarium led light is cheaper than the previous model due to the removal of the controller from it.

This led aquarium light by fines comes with LED that is rated to provide high output power and hence can be used in a tank that requires low to medium lighting.

This model features two modes to control the Led lights, one of which is white light; this white light is used when plants growth is to be taken in consideration and the other blue light is only for decoration for the night time.

The white light is most important as it provides the alternate of sunlight for the aquatic plants and hence using white light is very necessary. The aquarium lighting can last up to 40000 hours as prescribed by the brand. 40,000 hours roughly converts into 4 years.

There are many sizes in this Finnex light is available. It is recommended that you go with it if your primary concern is growing plants.

Beamswork DA FSPEC LED Aquarium Light Pent Freshwater


The company namely Beamswork is a very well known company when it comes to the aquarium equipment especially the Led based products. The Beamswork DA FSPEC is very reliable and durable.

It comes with a great strategy when it comes to pricing and has almost all the products giving the best competition to other led light For aquarium . The Beamswork LED is very cheap and is considered as an ideal choice for all newcomers of the aquarium hobby. This light can support all low techs plants such as Anubis, ferns, and mosses.

A buyer can also buy the timer from the Beamswork Company that is designed for the lights and auto turn off during the time of day. It is necessary to buy the timer whenever there is a need to automate the process.

Current USA Orbit Marine LED Aquarium Light


This LED light is made in such a way that the heat that comes out of it provides proper growth for the plants. The plants can be low to medium type in terms of light required.

This tank is made for saltwater tanks that means it cannot be used for freshwater tanks. The feature that makes this product stand out of the crowd is its programmable aquarium led lights.

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This product comes with remote control, the light intensity for this product is very high. The intensity of the light can be dimmed from as low as zero to up to 100%.



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