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The new Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light is regarded as one of the topmost used LED lights system implanted in the Reef Aquarium Tanks. It is provided with more colors which are more brighter than ever discovered by any other LED lights product. In order to bring life to the colors of the aquarium, a person needs to have this Current LED lights system in their respective Fish Tanks. There are some extra LED lights.


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Why Current USA orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light is the Best Aquarium Light

This system is provided with highly packed ultra-bright LEDs with an even wider color spectrum. This will eventually result in making your gravel and other corals look beautiful and your fishes mesmerizing. This provides a spectacular look to the aquarium.

The system also helps with providing us a great and highly advanced light control with better pump arrangements too.

The experience of viewing the aquarium species is made more highlighting and bright with the help of this Current orbit marine LED lighting system. The shimmering effect which is produced with the help of the lighting provided by this system is one of the most key features given to us.

The color rendition of the system is also breathtaking to see. One of the most important features of this Current LED lights is the mesmerizing views provided by multiple numbers of the color spectrum.

A beautiful color spectrum is created with the use of LED lights containing actinic blue within. The color combination here fits perfectly for the fishes, gravels, corals and other decorative accessories present in the tank.

The system also provides us with a highly wider angle of the dispersion lenses which helps in balancing the light which is spread all over the tank. The color blending feature provided by it is also of great importance.

The Orbit Marine LED system consists of an aluminum profile which is less than ½” thick and this feature eventually makes it transparent. It is also provided with an adjustable tank mount whose use is optional. This helps in creating a smooth and sleek look of the aquarium.

This new current aquarium lighting is regarded as one of the best systems available which can perfectly mimic the sunrise view, sunset view, daylight as well as moonlight too. It is provided with an automatic built-in lighting program.

The excellent weather effects provided by the LED aquarium light system makes clouds appear to be floating over your reef tanks. It is also provided with a good quality wave pump control by the use of which we can easily connect a Wave Pump HUB.

This system is provided with a wireless control too. The many features which come under the facilities of wireless controlling are LED remote control, light HUB, wave pump controller for up to 3 wave pumps, 6 weather effects, color spectrums with adjustable intensities, different modes availability like flow mode, feed mode, etc.

Orbit Marine LED Aquarium Light is beautifully designed to benefit us by increasing the growth of the corals at a remarkable rate. It also provides us with the feature to anytime vary the intensity and spectrum of the colors according to the growth of the corals.

For letting the users have a convenient experience of using this product, it is provided with an easy to use remote control which promotes wireless controlling in a highly profound way.

A person using this product will only have to set up the light arrangements once and then the already set cycle can be repeated every day. There are many features provided by this product which are described below.

Orbit Marine LED Has Variety of Corals


The different products of Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light are created keeping in mind a variety of corals from low to high light requirements. With the use of an apogee PAR meter, the different measures are taken which are listed below in the table.

If a person is looking for a good lighting system for your corals, you should keep in mind the lighting requirements of your corals. For marine species and low light requiring corals, orbit marine products are used for higher light requiring corals.

The current aquarium lighting system is sufficient for the lighting requirements for low light corals.

Depth Orbit marine
Surface 400+
1″ to 6″ 150- 120
6″ to 9″ 120- 70
9″ to 12″ 70 – 50
12″ to 15″ 50-35
15″ to 18″ 35-20

Current Orbit Marine LED Design With Multi-Chip Features

Current Orbit Marine LED Design With Multi-Chip Features

One of the best key features provided with the lighting system is the multichip feature of the orbit marine LED. It specializes us with providing dual daylight and dual actinic LED spectrums. This eventually helps us in a better and healthy lifestyle of the corals.

For providing great light spreading with excellent color blending, the fixture uses lenses of 120 degrees. The product is specially designed to offer a variety of color effects in your tank to make it look stunning. Orbit marine led also helps in the healthy growth of all the living creatures in the tank.

Preset 24h Lighting Cycle of Orbit Marine


The orbit marine LED lighting system consists of a free hand controller which is advanced designed for 24 hours on/off time service which provides an automatic lighting cycle for freehand control. Also, the highly advanced timer allows us to have a 15 minute cycle period.

During this time, the variability in the intensity of light is observed due to which the effects like sunset and sunrise are produced. No sudden changes are made in aquarium LED light as immediate changes in the lighting can increase the stress of the marine species and living creatures present in the tank.

By the use of the timer feature, a person is allowed to fully change the light intensities and schedules as per the requirements of the corals in his tank. A person is free to adjust the light intensity and time duration according to the coral requirements and your own choices.

Current USA Orbit Marine LED Weather Modes and Lighting Effects


Along with the 24-hour lighting service, the new current aquarium lighting system also provides us with a variety of weather modes and lighting effects. The different weather modes are listed below –

Feed mode: This mode is helpful in running the feed program. These are the 10 minutes duration lights. They stay on preset color spectrum pumps. The two pumps reduce flow to around 10% and the other pump reduces flow up to 30%.
Lunar mode: The lunar light mode has 100% blue color in it and can be run easily.
Lunar storm mode: It is pressed to run night thunderstorm.

Clean mode: The time duration is around 10 minutes. It consists of white, red and green color.

Rolling clouds mode and random clouds mode: Designed to make the appearance of rolling and random clouds.

Lighting mode: Made to run lightning storm mode.

All these above-mentioned modes are used to mimic out the different weather conditions in an artificial but natural-looking way. The steps for using current orbit marine LED weather modes are as follows:

– Press the weather button and hold it on for around 5 seconds.

– Now press the weather pattern according to your choice.

– Press hour or minute buttons to change the forecast.

– For completing the process press enter resume.

You can also use these weather effects by just pressing the desired weather pattern. It will automatically apply the mode and it will remain applied for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the normal setup will be applied automatically. For exiting the commands, simply press enter resume button.

The orbit marine LED is also featured with a memory slot, which automatically saves your favorite color. This mode can be used in the same ways as the other weather modes.

Specifications of Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light


Product Dimensions: 34.8 x 3.5 x 0.4 inches

Item Weight: 2.85 pounds

Other features: The new current orbit marine LED lighting system provides the users with a number of features like brighter color visibility, super color effects, multiple weather modes, easier installation methods, realistic effects, etc.

These features make this product a highly recommended product in the market. It is best suitable for the corals which require low-intensity light schedules. We are also provided with different weather modes we can any time change the intensity and schedule of the lighting modes of we can say different artificially built weather modes. 

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The provision of these varieties makes us experience more beautiful and spectacular aquarium view. Current LED lights provided with brackets which are highly extendable.

This allows the LED lights to be able to fit most of the aquarium tanks. For taking your aquarium viewing experience to a whole new level, you should buy this current aquarium lighting system.

User Manual for the Current Orbit Marine LED Light System

The highly designed orbit marine light system comes preoccupied with sliding docking legs which makes them perfectly suitable for all the aquariums of different sizes. There are in total of four sizes of legs available for different tanks of variable sizes.

The setup for this Current USA orbit marine LED in a dry place, mount light HUB, and LOOP controller. Remove the packaging of the light and components of the product. Use docking legs to properly fit the lights in the aquarium extremely easy and by following instructions step by step, anyone can easily make use of this product. The steps to set up the product are given as follows:

-Connect the lighting fixtures to connecting plugs properly.

-Connect the IR infrared sensor to IC light manifold HUB into the allocated port.

-Remove the plastic tag from the remote’s battery compartment.

-Now press main power key to turn on the device and set current time by pressing SET CLOCK button. Now press enter key to save.

-Connect cables in the given order as per the user manual.

-Place DC power supply into GFCI outlet. Make use of Velcro cable wraps for excess cables.

-Press the main power button to turn on the lights. Now, lights will automatically operate in the default settings.

-You should now follow the programming guide manual for further arrangements of the lighting system.

By following above mentioned instructions and with the use of user manual guide, anyone can easily experience the benefits of the new Current USA orbit marine LED lighting system. With a proper setup of the product, the aquarium can be made extremely beautiful and elegant to look at.

The variety of light and bright colors provided by the current LED lights system makes the aquarium look mesmerizing and increases the growth of the plant species and different corals in a more profound way.

According to the requirements of the corals and other species present in the tank, we can function the different light intensities and schedules of the light system as it is provided with a lot of weather modes.

For eg, we can put a sunrise effect in the tank or produce dim moonlight or make the tank glow bright with the daylight. With just a touch at the buttons, we can easily do all the changes. This current aquarium lighting system is provided with all the required features to make the aquarium look beautiful in an efficient and easy way.

The product is based on wireless technology which makes its use more convenient and easy. With all these features and specifications provided by the new orbit marine LED lighting system, It is considered to be a better choice when people look for good quality and long-lasting lighting system.

In simple words, we can conclude that the new aquarium LED light is one of the best products which can be used to enhance and beautify the looks of the aquarium and the species inside it.


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