Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium/Fish Tank {2019 Review}

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We truly understand that not every fish keeper wants to have a large fish tank or aquariums. Some people just want to keep a Small or Nano Aquarium which is easily manageable.


We understand their need, but the major problem with the small sized aquarium is that they are most of the time compromised with the material quality and variety of features. So, we decided to find a stylish nano aquarium which must be quality built and can offer numerous features to fish keepers.

Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium


No surprise, our winner candidate is:- Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium.

This eye catching Red Sea Max Nano Fish Tank is quite popular among the fish loving community. Moreover, it’s features are great enough that it does not need comparison with it’s competitors.

To make your decision strong to buy this product, you indeed need an unbiased opinion and here we are to write an expert review about it.

So, stay tuned to know weather Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium will win the war amongst it’s other nano fish tank rivals?

Advance Details 

For better clarification, We have listed the features, capacity and tank size, glass quality, circulation pump, media self of aquarium, pros and cons of red sea max nano aquarium. 

Features of Red Sea Max Nano:

  • The amazing Red Sea Max Nano 20 Gallon Aquarium comes with rimless design which makes it look beautiful then multiple other 20 Gallon Fish Tank.
  • It’s system is capable enough to provide you almost everything which is important to make a fish tank 100% perfect. Furthermore, it has the sublime capacity to keep coral reefs and variety of small sized fishes.
  • The best part is it’s latest technology AI powered prime HD LED light, which is also integrated with WiFi unit. Along with this, you will also get durable power center, completely automatic top-off section, water circulation and filtration system.
  • This package does not come with STAND.

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Why The Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium?


The top reason to buy this fish tank is it’s looks. Not a single aquarium in it’s Small Fish Tank category stood against it in terms of design and quality.

Just look at it’s picture, and you will definitely say WoW!

It’s indeed compact, yet pretty admirable and quality build on the same time. It’s rimless design gives it the perfection it needs to stand out of the audience. However it’s black color makes it eye catching. It is rectangular sized which carries advanced aquarium LED light controlled by WiFi control system.

If you looking for minimum maintenance then this incredibly stunning nano aquarium tank is for you.

Now, let’s check out it’s advance features.

Capacity and Size of Fish Tank

This “Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium” is a small sized aquarium which is perfect for your house or office needs with minimum maintenance. It’s capacity is 20 capacity, so you can keep 15-20 small tetra fish sized fishes. It’s not a really small tank just like a goldfish tank or neither it’s the larger one like 100 gallon aquarium.

It’s weight is less than 61 pounds with the dimensions 21.4 x 21 x 22 inches, so that you can easily move it easily wherever you like.  In case, if you are just starting out fish keeping then this is the perfect option to go for. This 20 gallon fish tank looks great on corners or on table/stands.

Glass Quality in Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium

Red sea has used indeed very clear and spotless glass which is hard enough to make you not to worry about it. Glass of Red Sea Max Nano is 88 mm thick and feels reliably solid. It’s transparency makes it look damn clear, if you keep it’s water clean or change the water on time.

Rear sump or Circulation Pump

The Red Sea Max Nano Fish Tank comes with famous Eco pump which can generate heavy water flow of 240 GPH or 950 LPH (circulating the water of aquarium 12 times in an hour through the Red Sea filter. It’s filter helps to stop detritus on the coral system of the tank by flowing the water back to the aquarium through multiple nozzles.

Protein Skimmer

Protein skimmer is very important to maintain the health of the aquarium. Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium comes with Red Sea’s REEF-SPEC method for aquarium SPS corals. It’s skimmer maintains 1:3 air to water ratio by circulating the water 3 times per hour through it. This protein skimmer is made to perform heavy duty tasks, in order to maintain the life of your aquarium.

Media Shelf of Aquarium (Carbon Filtration)

This aquarium comes with 100g of Red Sea’s carbon, which is useful to keep the water of the aquarium crystal clear for at least first 2 months of the use.

Hidden Reservoir & Automatic Top-Off

You don’t have to change the water daily, if you are not available near to your Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium (3 days max). Yes, you heard it right, it’s hidden reservoir can be self sufficient for 3 days, as it can carry 1.5 L or 0.4 Gallon water with it.

Other Parts of Rear Sump?

That’s not all folks! Rear pump comes with 3 more parts-

  • A well designed control unit for protein skimmer and water circulation pumps.
  • Rear pump screen with rotatable feature
  • Marine spec cabinet

WiFi Controlled LED Lighting System

It’s the best feature of the Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium, as this already comes with it’s own advanced LED lighting system. This fish tank consists high tech artificial intelligence based Prime High Definition LED light, which also includes pretty easy user control system. Below are the top features of AI based LED light:-

  • Full spectrum LED which is known as Prime HD
  • It allows 7 color setups with multiple lighting effects.
  • It uses WiFi controlled system which can be controlled with your iOS or Android devices.
  • You can change the position of the light (away from tank or closer to the tank)

Pros of Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium

  • WiFi controlled LED light
  • High Quality Rear Sump
  • Best in Class Protein Skimmer
  • Quite
  • High quality and durable glass


So, Here is all for red sea max nano aquarium. We recommend you to check out this product, as it is worth the price.

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