Balinese Cat Breed Information, Picture and Features


Balinese Cat Breed Description

The Balinese Cat Breed coat is fine. silky and medium in length. These cats have no woolly undercoat. The eyes are usually a color of blue and almond-shaped and slightly slanting towards the nose. The head is like a tapering wedge starting at the nose out to the top of the ears forming a triangle.



The ears are large. pointed and wide at the base. The nose is like the Siamese. straight and long. There is a mask of darker color over the face extending to the ears. These cats have long. slender legs with the hind legs slightly higher than the front. but in proportion to its body. The tail is feather-like and tapers to the end. The Balinese cat is medium-sized.

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The Balinese Cat breed comes in the same color varieties as the Siamese Cats. The Balinese breed organizations recognize these colors including Seal point. Bluepoint. Chocolate point. and Lilac point.



The Balinese Cat breed history is the same as the Siamese Cat. which dates back to 1884 in Great Britain. The Balinese was developed from a recessive gene in the Siamese gene pool. This recessive gene was for long hair. These longhaired kittens appeared in purebred Siamese kitten litters in the 1940s. In the 1950s a lady from California began breeding these longhaired kittens. which produced more longhaired Siamese-like kittens creating a new breed called the Balinese. In the 1970s this breed was introduced to Europe and the United Kingdom.


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The Balinese Cat breed is considered a semi-longhair. These cats are smart. playful. and loving. The Balinese is very demonstrative and can be vocal. yet less vocal than the Siamese. They are very active and lively. These cats are very loyal to there owners and may be aloof sometimes also. The Balinese can be independent enough to be left alone long periods of time. They are able to get along with other cats and dogs.



The Balinese Cats coat is relatively simple. Gently combine and brushing regularly is recommended.


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