Barking Dog | How to Be Mindful With This Problem


A barking dog, No one likes it. Often, your vociferous pooch can lead to complaints with your household or neighbors. This is especially critical if you live in close proximity to others, for example, an apartment building or a subdivision with close neighbors.

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There are appropriate times for your dog to bark, for example when he is protecting your home or your family. Barking dogs often alert others to problems in your home, so at times, a barking dog is a valuable asset. For this reason, discourage your dog from barking constantly while you are at home or away so his emergency barks will be taken seriously.

Why Dogs Bark

Most dogs bark out of frustration or boredom. It is important you find the real reason why your dog is barking before you admonish him to stop making noise. Once you find out why your dog is barking, you can work to better the situation and allow him to stop creating a vocal nuisance of himself. Be sure to do so sooner than later, since the behavior will only be more difficult to discourage.

The behavior can be quite frustrating and aggravating to yourself and others in and around your home, so get a firm grasp on the barking before the problem becomes too large to handle. Sadly, many barking dogs are given away or abandoned because their owners failed to address the barking problem properly and felt they had no other outlet.

Barking Dog For The Reason

Your first step to stopping your dog from barking is the find the problem. Again, most dogs bark from either frustration or boredom, so there is a deeper reason for a dog’s vocalization than, “just because.” If you find your dog barks when you are away, then he is most likely lonely and bored. To stop this barking, you must solve the problem of boredom.

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If your schedule and job allow, consider coming home on your lunch breaks to take your dog for a walk or play with him to break up a long day of being alone. If you are unable to do this, consider having a friend or family member visit during the day.

There are many pet sitting services run by individuals who love dogs. These services are excellent for entertaining a bored dog during the day. Additionally, you may want to ensure your dog has plenty of toys and activities to keep him busy during the day.

Bark On Command 

Finally, some dogs require constant companionship. Although your first option should not be getting another dog, this should be considered if your dog seems excessively lonely while you are not at home.

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Many dogs bark out of frustration, so you should find the problem that is causing your dog frustration. If neighborhood children or other dogs are taunting your dog, that is an excellent reason for your dog to bark.

Monitor your dog’s activities and see if any outside factors are annoying or frustrating for your dog. Also, look at the surroundings to see if there is any item that is out of your dog’s reach causing the barking. By solving these outside issues that are annoying or frustrating your dog, will curb any barking.

There are a variety of items that can be used for prohibiting your barking dog from barking. Everything from a simple squirt bottle that provides an unexpected jet of water when a dog barks to a collar that provides a gentle static shock when your dog barks will effectively work to stopping barking. Use products that are suitable for dogs and be sure to use them on a regular basis so as to not confuse the barking dog.


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