Information About Betta Fish Tank | Maintenance & Guide

Betta Fish Tanks

A decent habitat is not a favor to your pet, it is its right. When you bring the pet home, it is your duty to set up conditions that help it best to thrive. Take care of the following criteria to build a comfy home in yours.



Betta fishbowl :

Size For all  Betta Fish Tank, the general rule of thumb is, bigger the better. Betta is not a fussy fish but small bowls undergo too much temperature shifts. Betta can cope with a shift of 3 degrees F in a day but more than that can be very stressful for them.

A small Betta Fish Tank without a filter should be placed away from doors and windows to provide a more consistent temperature. A bigger bowl/tank also dilutes the pollution in the tank with a larger quantity of water causing less stress in the fish.


Temperature :

Bettas are tropical fish that thrive between 70-80 degrees F temperature. Below 70 degrees F, your fish will feel chilly and will lose appetite and vigor. Lowered temperatures may even cause death.


Water quality :

 Bettas are fairly tolerant fish and can survive in a pH of 6 to 8. Most water sources, including tap water, are fine. You just need to let the water set out for a week before introducing it in a Betta tank/bowl. Don’t ‘over-clean’ the tank or else you will wash away the natural nitrifiers needed to get rid of the ammonia in the tank. Weekly cleaning and partial water change with water of about the same temperature ensure that the beneficial microbes are sustained in the Betta Fish Tank tank.


Filtration :

Although a small system for Betta fish can survive without a filter, it is best to have one to ensure good health of your fish. Filtration helps maintain low nitrate levels in the tank.


Live Plants:

Living aquatic plants bring immense benefits to your Betta system. They maintain oxygen level and are conducive for the growth of beneficial micro life. Living grass is a good option and will make the system better.



Faux Plants, Decor :


Betta Fish Tank mates :

Betta can be kept with any tropical livestock. Two male betas will, however, not stay together. For small systems, you can choose from Platies, guppies, small barbs, small danios, rasboras, Whiteclouds, Corydoras catfishes, large snails like Ramshorns and Mysteries, and shrimp-like Glass, Ghost, Grass.


Light :

Though Betta doesn’t need light; you can keep the light on in a regular cycle for your own viewing.


Covers :

You will have to either leave the water level a few inches below the top of the tank or cover the Betta Fish Tank to avoid your fishes jumping out. It’s best to cover the Betta Fish Tank to avoid dust settling on the top. A cover also saves the fish from cold air draughts that they gulp when they come up for breath.



Maintenance :

Regular maintenance is mandatory for a healthy tank. Weekly water change and gravel vacuuming help.

Betta Fish can live in small-polluted bowls but they will neither be happy nor healthy. For a healthy Betta batch, you need to set up an attractive tropical tank that you will also enjoy watching.

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