Boston Terrier Dog Breed | History, Temperament, Basic health


Boston Terrier Dog Temperament

The Boston Terrier dog has become known as the American Gentleman of Dogs, and this is because this breed has such a gentle, mild-mannered temperament.

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This is a dog that will dote on its family, gets on very well with other pets and children, and gets on well with other dogs. A well-socialized Boston Terrier makes an ideal family pet and likes to shower its family with plenty of affection and love.

Boston Terrier Physical Features

The Boston Terrier is a sturdy and muscular looking dog, with a short muzzle, and wallowing, intelligent dark eyes, which tend to protrude slightly. The coat of the Boston Terrier is very sleek, short, and straight, and the coloring is either black and white or brindle and white. The eyes of this breed are set quite wide apart, and its ear is fairly large in proportion to the head and stands erect. The height of the Boston Terrier ranges from 15-17 inches, and the weight from 10-25 pounds.

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Is he right for you?

The Boston Terrier is a dog that fits in well with most situations. This is the ideal family dog, because of its love of people and its affectionate nature. Those with kids and pets should have no problems with a well-socialized Boston Terrier, and this breed is well suited to both house and apartment living, providing that you provide him with plenty of exercises in a suitable place if you do not have a garden. The Boston Terrier hates being alone, and therefore may not be the right choice if you have little time to dedicate to a pet or are away for long periods.

Boston Terrier Dog Health Problems

The short muzzle of this breed can make it prone to breathlessness, and therefore owners should be careful to moderate exercise. Increased risk of skin tumors and heart problems can also affect this breed, like an increased risk of eye injuries because of the prominence of the eyes.

Boston Terrier Dog Grooming Requirements

The sleek, short coat of the Boston Terrier does not need much grooming to keep it in good condition. Use a firm bristle brush once a week to keep the coat looking good, and an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth will keep it looking glossy. Occasional baths are acceptable, and you should also keep the nails trimmed.

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Boston Terrier Dog History

The Boston Terrier dog is thought to be descended from the White English Terrier and the French Bulldog. Originating in the United States this dog was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1893.


In 2005 the Boston Terrier ranked 17th out of 155 in terms of popularity on the AKC register. In 2006, its ranking rose slightly to 15th out of 155.

Dog group

The Boston Terrier comes under the AKC Non-Sporting group.


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