Information About Burmese brown tortoise ,Pictures -2020

Burmese Brown tortoise is a member of the Testudinidae family and is the largest tortoise in Asia. This tortoise can reach up to 24 inches in length and 20 kg in weight. It is a land creature with elephantine hind limbs and webless feet. This tortoise is mostly found in Assam, Myanmar, Thailand, Sumatra, Borneo and Malay peninsular. These tortoises are usually active in the morning and evening and love basking or wandering during a cold day. This tortoise doesn’t require much maintenance but, they require certain things to survive. It is important for the owner to fulfill the basic requirements of his pet Burmese brown tortoise.

Requirements of Burmese brown tortoise

Housing for BBT:

This type of tortoise requires large enclosures to stay in as they grow quickly. They don’t like bright sunlight so it is advisable to provide an indoor enclosure to this tortoise. The enclosure of this tortoise should have a large insulated heated shed with a well-planned area. You should provide plenty of water to your pet Burmese brown tortoise because they drink lots of water and love to soak for a prolonged period. They require high humidity in their enclosure to keep their skin in good condition.

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You should keep the temperature between 25 – 28° Celsius. Adult BBT is active at 10° Celsius. Try to make the enclosure as big and as interesting as possible. This tortoise loves to explore and hide, so make sure that the enclosure contains lots of hiding places. You can decorate your pet enclosure with different plants but make sure that the plants you choose for are not poisonous. It is important for you to maintain cleanliness in the Burmese brown tortoise enclosure

Food for Burmese brown tortoise:


you can include Chopped apple, cucumber, apricot, fig, banana, plum, dandelion leaves and flowers, sow, thistle, plantain, curly kale, and watercress in your pet BBT diet. The turtle that is below the age of two years should be fed with pellets and soaked dry cat and dog food with calcium carbonate powder. You should not feed commercial pellets to the adult tortoise because they are high in proteins and are addictive.

Breeding Burmese brown tortoise:


The breeding in BBT can take place at any time throughout the year. Both male and female BBT are very gentle with each other. There should not be more males than female Burmese brown tortoise because males can kill each other in order to mate with the female. Female creates nest to deposit eggs, using straw, bark chips and shredded newspapers. After the mating process tortoise will lay as many as forty eggs in a clutch in that nest. You should provide high humidity to eggs to hatch. It is important for the owner to provide a healthy environment for baby BBT.

The above mentioned will help in maintaining the good health of your pet. BBT doesn’t require much maintenance and care. They love bathing and are very friendly animals. It is important for you to provide a clean and safe environment for your BBT.

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