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Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog Breed Best Information & Pictures


Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog Info Sheet:
Trainability: High
Watchdog: Very High
Shedding: Twice yearly
Grooming: Low
Exercise Requirements: Medium
Good with Children: Yes
Activity Level: Med/High
AKC Popularity: 79th out of 155



Cardigan Welsh Corgi Temperament

The Cardigan Welsh is a dog that is affectionate, dedicated, loyal, and loves to be involved with its family. These alert and dependable dogs offer devotion and bags to love to their owners. They get along okay with other dogs and tend to get on well with other pets and strangers, although they may be a little off with strangers and dogs if they feel threatened. Very intelligent and obedient, the Cardigan Welsh can be very protective of its herd, in other words, it’s family.



Cardigan Welsh Corgi Physical Features



The height of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi varies between 10-13 inches. The weight can vary between 25-38 pounds. This breed has a distinctive fox-like look about it, and its long, low body rests on short legs. The ears of this corgi are large and erect, and its dark eyes harmonize with its coat color. The coloring of the coat can range between brindle, blue merle, black, black & tan, black & brindle, sable, and red, and may sometimes have white markings.


Is he right for you?

The Cardigan Welsh is well suited to households with other pets and other corgis, and most will get on okay with other dogs too. If you tend to have a lot of guests you should bear in mind that they can be a little off with strangers if they feel threatened, but by and large, they will get on with strangers okay too. This is an affectionate breed and is a good family pet, although those with very young children may want to exercise caution, as this breed can often nip at the heels of kids in order to try and herd them.


Cardigan Welsh Corgi Health Problems




The Cardigan Welsh Corgi can gain weight very easily, and therefore owners should ensure that they exercise caution when it comes to meal portions and treats. prey and glaucoma can also affect this dog breed.


Cardigan Welsh Grooming Requirements

The coat of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is easy to maintain, and can simply be combed and brushed with a firm bristle brush once a week. This breed sheds its coat twice yearly. Bathing is rarely required with this breed.


Cardigan Welsh Corgi History

Corgi originates from the Celtic word for dog and the breed was first mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086. Bred in Cardiganshire, Wales, in the UK, this corgi was used to driving cattle and herd and its herding skills still show today.



In the AKC popularity ranks the Cardigan Welsh comes in at 79th out of 155. This is a position that remains unchanged from 2005.


Dog group

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi comes under the AKC Herding Group.


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