Cat and Hygiene

Cat and Hygiene | Grooming tips for your kitten (2020)


Cat and Hygiene

Cat and hygiene is an important issue affecting the owners of the pet. Cleanliness of any pet at home is crucial in order to prevent illness among pets as well as the family members. Although cat is known for self grooming and in general has cleaner habits as compared to other pets, a close supervision is required by the owner.

Cat and Hygiene

Owner needs to be agile towards the cleanliness of cat residing at home. Especially if the house has children this becomes more pertinent. Health issues like rabies and respiratory disorders are very common among children whose house have cats. The owner needs to maintain a daily cleanliness regime for the cat residing at home. Advice can be sought from the veterinary doctor who is the best person to guide.

In this article on cat and hygiene we will try to focus on some basic cleanliness issues related to cats:

Brushing the Cat

It is very important to brush the cat regularly. It is important because cat’s fur gets knotted easily giving rise to lice and other skin ailments. Various types of brushes like wide teeth brush, metallic brush, and so on are available in market. It is advisable to keep different kinds of brushes and use them alternatively.

A responsible member of the family should be responsible for brushing the cat everyday. While brushing the cat, the owner should look for eruptions on the skin or any other aberrations on the body of the cat.

Bathing the Cat

Cats sweat easily and thus giving them a thorough bath on a regular basis is very important. To ensure that the cat enjoys bathing use luke warm water. Do not use very cold or very hot water.Fix the days when your cat has to bath.

A number of shampoos and liquid soaps are available in the market but consult the vet before choosing the right product. While using the soap or shampoo you must watch for allergies. Your cat might be allergic to some soap. In that case immediately stop using that brand and use a product that has a different composition.

Cleaning Eyes, Ears and Teeth of the Cat


While cleaning cat’s ear is unavoidable it is important to be very mild while cleaning them. Do not put any buds inside your cat’s ear. Use soft cotton balls dipped in good hygienic oil. The owner must check if there is any dark sulphur layer on the top or inside the ears. The sulphur layer should be removed. Many a times this sulphur layer is indicative of some illness in the cat so the owner should definitely check with the vet.

Cat’s eye should also be cleaned very gently in the same manner as the ear. Cotton balls dipped in hygienic oil should be used to wipe the sides and corner of the eyes. If the eyes seem to discharge sticky material or excessive water then the vet should be consulted. Cleaning cat’s teeth is very important to avoid tophus.

Cats are not very comfortable with teeth cleaning and can get irritated if you are too persistent. A periodic visit to vet is suggested will do the cleaning after giving mild seductive to the cat. If you want to clean at home use cat specific toothbrush and toothpaste and be very gentle while cleaning.

Hygiene of Cat’s Mattress

Hygiene of Cat’s Mattress

Cat and hygiene is incomplete without discussion on cleaning cat’s mattress. You must clean the cat’s bed regularly in order to avoid skin problems like lice or any infection. The bed should be washed at regular intervals and sun-dried. One very important thing is to clean the urine that the cat has left behind on the mattress. If the cat urine is not removed immediately, it can cause stain and bad odor.

These are the basic guideline to maintain cat’s hygiene. Cat and hygiene is a very vast topic and there is no end to the cleanliness you can ensure in cats or ant other pet. However, every owner is the best judge of how to maintain a cat’s cleanliness and avoid risk associated to the mess created by pets.


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