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Cat Care Tips, Cat Vaccination Tips (2020)


Cat Care Tips, Cat Vaccination Tips

One should be aware of proper cat care tips in order to keep his or her pet kitty healthy and strong. Other than dog, cat is the animal that is commonly tamed and domesticated as a pet by man. Cats have different behavioral approach compared to that of dogs. If proper pet care is taken with right technique of instruction the unruly cat can turn out to be an obedient pet for you.


One of the primary cat care tips is that you should need to make your cat feel that you care for her and love her. To make the cat care tips effective you are required to make sure of the following aspects before keeping the loving feline as your pet.

  • Before keeping a cat as pet you should decide whether to domesticate a male or a female cat. Female cat are gentle, cautious and quite in nature. You might have to bother with her during her heat cycles. Male cats are more outgoing and quarrelsome in nature. They are generally bigger in size than their female counterpart and may urinate around a certain area to claim their territory.
  • You should also make a decision on whether to keep a long haired cat or a short haired cat. Though long haired cats are quite attractive and gorgeous in look but they often tend to develop hair balls and mess up your house by shedding considerable quantities of hair.
  • Also take a note of the fact whether to go for a pure breed or a mixed breed. To purchase a purebred cat make sure of buying it from a reputed pet store where good breeds of cats are sold.
  • The age of the cat is also a factor for buying a cat. Though kittens are very cute but you have to devote yourself to provide her with more care than an adult cat. On the other hand adult cat finds it to be bit uncomfortable in socializing in a new environment but with time he or she will get used to the household where it is brought in.

Though cats thrive well when left independent but they do need a lot of care if they are to be brought up healthily. The following cat care tips may help to keep your pet cat strong and active.

Some Cat Care Tips

  • You should keep your pet clean. Take your cat for a nice shower on a regular basis in order to keep her germ free. You can use a good cat’s shampoo for washing purpose. A baby shampoo can be applied while cleaning the creature’s head. To maintain the fluffy hair of your cat you can gently comb with a soft brush twice or thrice in a week. Do not go for too much combing as that might lead to dropping of hairs.
  • The teeth of the cat should also be brushed at regular intervals. You may also give her some dry treat as that might keep the teeth of your cat clean. But make sure of giving your cat treat of low calorie as additional disease can crop up if your cat is in the habit of consuming high calorie food items.
  • You should also check whether your cat has caught hold of fleas or ticks especially during the summer, fall and spring seasons.
  • Include a good amount of dry cat food as her diet and also add some food items rich in vitamins.
  • You should take your cat for yearly veterinary visit and make sure that all necessary vaccinations and medications are done with your cat.
  • Your cat should also be treated with a heart worm pill every year.

By maintaining a hygienic atmosphere you will be able to keep your pet as well as your family healthy by keeping them away from the incidence of many infectious diseases.


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