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Information about Cat Dandruff

Human beings are not the only living beings facing the problem of dandruff. Dandruff and flaky skin is a common problem faced by other species too. Those who have cats at home must have confronted the problem of cat dandruff.


If the cat’s skin sheds dry white flakes or if you spot white flaky on the body of your cat, it means the cat has dandruff. Cat dandruff problem hampers the physical appearance of the animal and also gives rise to hygienic issues.


Cat dandruff should not be confused with dander. Dander is the natural process of shedding of dead skin. However, dandruff is excessive dryness of skin caused due to lack of moisture and causes itching.

Here are some common causes for dandruff in cats:

Dryness in the air:

If the atmosphere where you stay is very dry and the skin feels tight and devoid of moisture, then the cat skin is also likely to develop the same dryness. Excessive dryness in the air increases the growth of dandruff.


It is a general observation that overweight and fat cats are more likely to develop dandruff on their rump and tail. Due to excessive weight cats fail to brush these areas and thus causing dandruff.


Cats who stay outdoors under the sun for long hours develop dryness of the skin. The sunburnt skin develops into dead cells which lead to dandruff.


Many medicines cause dryness of skin and thus resulting in dryness and dandruff. Many times medicated cosmetics and inappropriate bathing products can also cause this problem.


Problems like thyroid and diabetes also cause dandruff in cats. If the problem of dandruff persists or keeps coming back then medical help should be sought.

Ways to prevent cat dandruff:

  1. The best way to prevent the growth of dandruff in cats is to provide the required amount of humidity to the cat. If the weather where you stay is very dry then you can consider using a humidifier and make the cat stay there for a while.
  2. In their natural environment get the humidity from the surroundings as well as the type of food that they eat. Thus it is advisable to avoid giving dry food to the cat. Effort should be made to identify meats that are moisture-laden and can keep the cat’s body humid. Fatty acids are also a good source of moisture for the cat’s body.
  3. Do not use very hot water for bathing the cat. Lukewarm water helps the body retain moisture for a longer time.
  4. Prevent the growth of any parasite on the body of the cat. Many a time the cause of dandruff is parasitic growth on the cat’s body. Regular hygiene will help prevent the cause.

Cat dandruff is a completely treatable problem. There are a number of cat dandruff shampoos in the market which the owner can use after consulting a veterinary doctor. Other measures include reducing the weight of the cat and regulating the atmosphere where the cat stays.


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