Are You Using Safe Cat Food Brands For Your Cat

Information About Cat Food

Recently cat and dog owners have been pastes to the news as information of poisoned pet food has caused a dreadful scare. To date, ninety-five brands of cat food have been recalled and detached from shelves in shops in the U.S and Canada. So far the entire cat and dog foodstuff that has been recalled is wet canned food or pocket style food consisting of ‘cuts-and-gravy.’ Power has recalled some of its damp food but so far the Authority product dry food is fine as is the Diamond brand food and the Prairie brand food.


Cat Food?



A cat food brand review and food brand comparison should be complete by every responsible cat owner and customer before food brands are bayed At first it was supposed that wheat gluten was to blame for causing renal breakdown in a number of cats throughout the United State and Canada and then it was believed to be a form of rat poison that is also administered to malignancy patients. As further studies on cat food brands were complete a substance called melamine, which is a fertilizer, and also a substance used to manufacture plastics was discovered to be the element in food brands that were making a lot of cats sick.


Unfortunately, a number of cats have previously died due to the unhealthiness of a lot of food brands. It has lately come to cat owner’s notice that a lot of cat food brands are not artificial in the US or Canada but are outsourced to other countries such as China where the system are not as strict as they are in North America. It is the American relationship of Feed Control officials (AAFCO) that polices the pet food industry and is now under fire for the deaths of a number of much-loved family pets.



Menu Foods Is the corporation that distributes the vast majority of the cat and dog food that has been found to be disillusioned and leading to animal fatalities. Become a shrewd customer when buying cat food and forever familiarize yourself with the Ingredients In food both dry and wet and avoid Ingredients that are not high-quality for your cat. Topping the list of Ingredients to keep away from are BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin which are chemical preservatives that your cat can do with no; meat side-effect which are the undesirable parts of slaughtered animals and meat meal or meat side-effect meal which is very comparable In nature to meat by-products.

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