Cat Scratching Post, Disease & Furniture Guide in 2020


Every Siamese should have a cat scratching post. Scratching posts serve a number of functions in a cat’s life. They offer us a way to relieve excess tension and anxiety. They allow us to stretch. The scratching offers us a way to scent an area to claim it as ours. Scratching also keeps our claws healthy.


Cat scratching on the furniture because it’s there and it’s a place to claim territory.


If there are other choices to make, that have a preferred covering, your cat will not scratch the furniture. What cats like to scratch is very individual. I’m a big carpet fan and I tend to scratch on the stairs, often dragging my body along the stairwell as I scratch. I have heard this is a uniquely Siamese thing. Other cats prefer wood. Humans say that sisal is a great material for scratching as it allows us to work our claws but is less likely to catch than carpet. Georgia has always loved a good piece of cardboard. Experiment and see what your cat likes.

If you have several cats you will want several scratching posts. You may also want a cat tree to offer us several vantages to both scratch and to claim territory.

A good Cat scratching post is:

  • Long enough to have the cat stretch their full back and shoulders.
  • Sturdy. We don’t want to be scratching and then have it topple over!
  • It should materials that we can shred with our claws but not snag them.
  • Wood materials should not splinter easily (which is why the Red Cedar is a good medium)

Many Siamese prefer a post that stands upright and they can reach up to stretch.

I have to say that browsing the Cats Play store, I’ve had a lot of fun picking out a variety of products that I MUST have. Alas, my home isn’t big enough for everything I want. Doesn’t that wood cat post look like fun? But let me give you some recommendations once you get there!

While the Ultimate Scratching Post is a bit on the spendy side, I like it because it works. It’s tall enough even for a tall cat like me. It’s very stable. Even at my most aggressive, I haven’t managed to knock it over. Personally, I think this is well worth the price.


If you have an older cat or you have a cat who likes to scratch on a horizontal surface, you might consider the All in One scratching post. It’s less spendy and very versatile. You can lay it on thefloor, which is nice for older cats who may find it uncomfortable to reach up from their back legs.

You can mount it to all wall or hang it from a door knob. It depends upon your household style. This is definitely a smaller scratching surface, but it can be particularly good if you have it as a secondary post in a multiple cat household.

Of course, has lots of great looking scratching posts too! I urge you to check them out! You can read more about cat scratching here.


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