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The trend that is sweeping the United States is known as designer dogs. These pooches often rack up a hefty price tag and may draw a great deal of attention. Perhaps the most popular designer dog is the ever-popular teacup version of proper breeds that are favored by celebrities and socialites alike.


Designer Dogs Breed

It seems this season’s must-have accessory is not a great bag or killer pair of shoes; instead, it’s an insanely small dog that is toted around like a posh purse and pampered to no end. If you are interested in owning a designer dog, be prepared to hand over your pocketbook to designer breeders that are producing these pint-sized pups at a phenomenal rate. For this reason, you should carefully evaluate both the pup and the breeder to ensure you are purchasing an animal who is healthy and happy.




These designer dogs, including the ever-popular cockapoo, a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, and school, a mix between a Schnauzer and a Poodle, and the Yorkipoo, a mix between the Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle, are quite popular for a variety of reasons. One of the best reasons to own a designer dog that is a mixture of two breeds is the fact that purebred designer dogs tend to have a variety of health-oriented problems.


Due to thousands of years of inbreeding to ensure a specific breed of dog is indeed pure has created many genetic medical issues, ranging from chronic deafness in Dalmatians to hip dysplasia in German Shepherds. By breaking the trend and breeding two designer dogs of purebred background to create a designer dog, these medical issues, for the most part, disappear and are no longer of concern.


A potential downside to owning a designer dog is the fact that the dog is not considered a purebred. For this reason, you will not be able to show your dog in the professional designer dogs show circuit. If this is important to you, do not consider purchasing a designer dog and stick to a purebred dog that has a sterling pedigree for the show ring. Additionally, if you are interested in breeding your dog, you may want to rethink the possibility of purchasing a designer dog for the same reason. Since his background is not considered pure, the puppies produced from a litter will not be as widely sought after as purebred pups.




However, when you plan to purchase designer dogs pooch, be prepared to travel far and wide to find the dog that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Quite often, breeders demand a phenomenal premium for these pups, so get ready to pay for a uniquely designed pooch. Some cockapoos can sell for as much as $2,500! Furthermore, you may need to import your pooch from lands far away if there is not a breeder that specializes in your designer dog in your area.


Although you are not encouraged to purchase a dog without first seeing how it will interact with you, or the members of your family, if you want a designer dog, this must be considered as an option. As always with importing a dog overstate or country borders, ensure you follow all necessary rules to prevent any problems at the end of the day.


Owning a uniquely mixed breed of a dog, often known as a designer dog, is quite a feat. These dogs are usually healthy, lovable, and an excellent addition to any household. However, as with purchasing any pooch, carefully investigate the background of both the pooch and the breeder before you agree to sign on the dotted line.


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