Facts You Didn’t Know About Irresponsible Dog Breeding

When you take on the huge responsibility of owning a dog, you take the life of a living, breathing animal into your hands. If you plan to treat a dog poorly or ignore the creature altogether, you do not deserve the chance to own a pooch of your own.

Irresponsible Dog Breeding


Remember, owning a dog breeding is sharing your home with a create most often known as “man’s best friend,” so the noble animal should be treated as such. This responsibility includes the overall health and well being of the dog breeding, but especially includes the choice of whether or not to breed your dog. Avoiding irresponsible breeding practices will not only lead to the problems with pet overpopulation that has exponentially affected this country but can provide you with many headaches after the litter of puppies arrives.




The dog Breeding is not a right. Dogs do not need to breed in order to live a full and vibrant lifestyle. Furthermore, not all dogs should be bred due to medical or temperamental issues that may negatively affect offspring. Dogs should only be bred to continue the lineage of a particular pure bloodline for any breed. If your dog is a mixed breed, although he may be lovable and a great companion, he should not be bred. There are plenty of mixed breed dogs in the world that you do not need to add to this phenomenal number.


Each year, thousands of dog breeding are put down by animal shelters when they cannot be placed in a loving home. Do not add to this heartbreaking problem by allowing your dog to produce a litter of puppies. Unless you have excellent reasons for breeding your dog, consider immediately seeking a medical procedure that will sterilize your dog, thus allowing him or her not to produce offspring.




Dogs that have been spayed or neutered are not capable of accidentally delivering you a litter of puppies. This simple procedure is performed daily by veterinarians and often requires a minimal amount of recovery—generally more so from the anesthesia than from the actual procedure itself.


If you are unable to pay for the procedure or rule it out for monetary reasons, look to your local humane society or animal shelter to recommend a veterinarian who will perform the surgery for a dramatically decreased fee. Additionally, there are certain organizations that will offer the procedure for free or for a small donation during a specific day or week each year. Ask your veterinarian if such a program exists in your neighborhood.


Individuals who practice irresponsible breeding often find themselves unable to sell or even give away the puppies that result in a litter. If you think that allowing your dog breeding to have a litter of puppies will enable you to make a hefty profit from selling the pups, think again!




Quite often, individuals who attempt to sell the puppies that result from their litter can not even give the pooches away and are often forced to deliver the unfortunate puppies to their local animal shelter or dog breeding rescue. This is tragic for the dogs, who most likely will never find an owner or a home.


If you suspect an individual is practicing irresponsible breeding, inform him or her of the consequences. Quite often, friends, family members, neighbors, or coworkers attempt to breed their dogs for any number of reasons but end up giving the puppies away to an animal shelter.


Consider encouraging the individual in question to volunteer at an animal shelter so that he or she knows exactly what unwanted dogs go through. Always work to be a responsible pet owner, and that includes practicing responsible breeding.

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